Final Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

Back in February, I wrote this post about curriculum planning. After giving it some more thought, I have finally narrowed down everyone's curriculum. It is all ordered and received as well.

 My 7th grader will use:
Apologia General Science
Abeka Pre-Algebra
Mystery of History Volume 1
Sequential Spelling
Abeka Grammar
Abeka Literature
Total Health for Middle School

My 6th grader will use:
Science in the Beginning
Abeka Math (finish 6th then begin Basic Math)
Mystery of History Volume 1
Sequential Spelling
Abeka Grammar
Abeka Creative Writing/ Penmanship
Abeka Health

My 4th grader will use:
Science in the Beginning
Abeka math (4th grade)
Mystery of History Volume 1
North Carolina History
A Reason for Spelling
A Reason for Handwriting
Abeka Grammar
Abeka Health

My 3 yr old will use:
Easy Peasy Getting Started 1

I don't have a set Bible curriculum unless I am reviewing one. We just read from the Bible during family devotions and discuss what was read. I also don't have a set art program unless we are reviewing one.


Curiosity Quest DVD ~ Review

Do you have curious children? Are they always asking you how things are grown and harvested? Are they curious about animals and want to learn more about them? Curiosity Quest has several DVD’s available for curious kids. The DVD’s we reviewed are DVD Combo Pack- Swimmers of the Sea (Sea Turtle Rescue, Penguins, Salmon) and DVD Combo Pack-Produce (Mushrooms, Cranberries, Orange Packing).

curiosity quest pin

 About the DVD’s:
Each of these combo DVD’s has 3 episodes on it. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. These DVD’s are geared for children ages 7-14. Each DVD cost $24.95.

Both of my boys love to watch programs that teach them something. When we received these DVD’s, they were excited and wanted to watch them right away. I know I mention this regularly, but my 12 year old wants to be a scientist, so I feel it is important for him to learn as much as he can about different things. He chose to watch the Swimmers of the Sea DVD first.

What is on the Swimmers of the Sea DVD?
The first episode we watched was about penguins. The host, Joel Greene, has a question from a viewer. He then takes us on an educational trip to answer the question. In the penguin episode, we learn what penguins like to eat and where they live.

The next episode was about sea turtles. The host takes us on an adventure to a sea turtle hospital. We learned how the turtles are treated during their time at the hospital and how the goal is to release them back into the ocean.

The final episode on this DVD is about salmon. We learned how salmon are able to remember where they were “born” and are able to find that spot each year. We also learned about the five different types of salmon that are found in Alaska.

What is on the Produce DVD?
My kids are not as curious about food as they are animals, but they did find this DVD interesting.

The episode about mushrooms gave us a closer look at how mushrooms are grown and shipped all over the world.

The orange packing episode was interesting since the kids learned how to carefully pick oranges and how they are packaged to ship all over the world as well.

I found the cranberry episode the most interesting. I guess it was interesting to me because I have visited a cranberry bog in Massachusetts when I was a teenager. My kids enjoyed learning how the cranberries are harvested.

Did we enjoy these DVD’s?
Yes! All of my children enjoyed these DVD’s. My youngest is three and she sat through each episode. I’m not sure how much she learned, but I did catch her walking really slow after watching the turtle episode and saying “Slow like a turtle.”  My other children, ages 8, 10, and 12, enjoyed learning more about the animals and foods than what they already knew. One thing my boys liked was the “Fun Facts” in each episode. I also enjoyed watching these episodes with my children. I would like to have more episodes in our homeschool library.




An Interview With My Three Year Old

My youngest turned 3 on March 2. Here are her answers to some random questions I asked her. I think I'll ask her these questions every year to see how her answers change.

1. What is your favorite color? purple
2. What is your favorite toy? my toys
3. What is your favorite fruit? orange
4. What is your favorite tv show? Let It Go ( I don't think she understood)
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  banana
6. What is your favorite animal?  cat
7. What is your favorite song? Let It Go
8. Who is your best friend?  Layla
9. What is your favorite dinner? spaghetti
10. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play with sticks
11. What is your favorite drink? milk
12. What is your favorite place to go? home
13. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? a toy
14. What do you want on your birthday?  Barbie
15. What do you want to be when you grow up? an animal


I Will Praise You In This Storm

Going through a storm right now, but this song is helping me.


Victus Study Skills System ~ Review

All of us want our kids to have good study habits. Sometimes, we just don’t know what to do to help them study the right way. That is where the Victus Study Skills System comes in to help. I was given the Teacher Edition and Student Workbook to use with my 6th grade son.


I was looking forward to reviewing this with my son, because I want him to be able to make it in the real world, aka college. He is one of those people who likes to do math problems in his head. If he has to show his work, he gets frustrated because it is hard for him to write it out step by step. I know he is going to need to know how to show his work in high school and college and also needs to be able to study properly for tests.

The Victus Study Skills System is geared for students in 5th through 12th grades. It can also be used for younger children with more parental help. This course is ten lessons that take about 30 minutes each. It is recommended to do two lessons each day for a week, but it is adaptable and can be taken at a slower pace if needed.

Victus book covers, study skills books, photo

The teacher edition has several pages of introduction that tells about the objectives and the course itself. Section one of the teacher manual tells you how to use the teacher edition and gives a course plan and techniques. Section two are the lessons and section three is an appendix that lists some essentials.

The student workbook tells the student the “course aim.” It also lists four important concepts for the student. The book is divided into three foundational cornerstones which are as follows:
  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How do I get there?

Each of these foundations takes the student through different goals and objectives ending with the question how do I get there? The answer ~ PQRST (Preview, Question, Read, State, Test). This system is used to help the student in preparing for a test.

The student workbook also has an appendix with different pages for goals, organization, and flashcards.

Click to see a sample page from the student workbook.

The teacher edition is $40.00 and the student workbook is $20.00.

I chose to use this course with my 6th grade son. We did a 30 minute lesson each day which took us about two weeks to complete the course. At first, he didn’t want to do it, because he is not really hands on. This course required him to write some things and also think about things he may not have thought about yet. A few days after we started getting into it, he started to enjoy it. His thoughts on the course: “I liked that it taught me how to manage my time better and how to prepare and study for tests.”

Would I recommend this course? Yes. I would like to go through this course again with my 5th grader next year when he is in 6th grade to prepare him for junior high and beyond.

Be sure to check out the other reviews from my fellow Schoolhouse Crew mates.



New Homeschool Magazine

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Scripture and a Snapshot

Sunset at Emerald Isle, NC

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised. Psalm 113:3 (KJV)

Scripture and Snapshot
You can check out more Scriptures and Snapshots at A Glimpse Of Our Life.



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