Math Essentials ~ Review

Math Essentials Review

Having children that are now high school level and learning the higher math, I found that I needed to have some kind of refresher in certain areas, but could never find anything that would help me. I was able to review Math Refresher for Adults from Math  Essentials over the past few weeks.

The book contains math from general math to pre-algebra and algebra. The general math  portion covers whole numbers, percents, decimals, geometry, percents, and problem solving.

The pre-algebra and algebra portion of the book covers positive and negative fractions and decimals, exponents, square roots, order of operations, percents, graphing, and much more.

The website also offers videos even though they don’t necessarily match up with this book, you are able to find the correct category and watch a short video on how to do the math.

I wanted this book since some of my children are needing help with upper level math and I haven’t been able to help them much because I had forgotten how to do a problem. Even though they watch videos to help them with their math, they still needed my help and I had to go to the internet to try to find something to help me so that I could help them.

I haven’t worked through much of the book yet, but what I have gone through has brought back some math knowledge and I feel like this book will help me help my kids this coming school year.


I did skip some of the beginning pages since it was adding, subtracting, and multiplying. I started working on multiplying fractions and the directions were clear and helped me to remember how to do the problems. I then skipped over to review some geometry since that is one of the areas I was not string enough to help my child with last year.

I will have one child in pre-algebra this year and one child in algebra 2 this year and I know that this book will be a big help to me and them as we learn the math together.

Even though the book is titled Math Refresher for Adults, you could use the pages to have your child (of any age) do some problems of the area they need help with the most when they are having trouble learning or retaining math information.

I am actually not a big math person, but have one child (my oldest) who loves math and has been able to help his younger siblings. I am enjoying going through this book and it has been fun re-learning and knowing that I can actually do the problem.  Even though my son loves math and has helped in the past, I know he will be happy if I am the one that can actually help the other children so I don’t have to take hi away from his school work during the day. I think this is a great book for anyone of any age to work through and highly recommend it even for non-math children and adults!

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Wordless Wednesday

I leave work at 9 PM. These are last week's fireworks I saw when leaving work.


Field Trip Planning

We are getting ready to start our new school year in a couple of weeks. I've been trying to plan some places to visit where we haven't been for a while. So far, my list includes the following:
- NC Zoo
- Aquarium
- Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
- Wright Brothers Memorial
Since we live in Eastern NC, all of the above are close to us.
I'm trying to think of some other places to visit thought the school year that would be of interest to my last kids.


Wordless Wednesday

We recently enjoyed a lunch cruise.


Silverdale Press LLC ~ Review

Silverdale-Press-LogoWe were given the opportunity to review some unit studies from Silverdale Press LLC. We received the White House Unit Studies which consists of six different unit studies.

The six holiday unit studies we received are as follows:

  • Labor Day - 3 lessons
  • Veterans Day - 3 lessons
  • Thanksgiving - 5 lessons
  • Christmas - 4 lessons with 6 activities per lesson
  • MLK - 5 lessons
  • Valentine's Day - 5 lesson
Each of the unit studies is designed for children ages 5-18. All of the studies come with plans for elementary and high school, which helps when you have a large range of children you are wanting to do the studies with. Each unit study is designed to be completed in a week. If you are wanting to spend more time on each study it can easily be spread out over a few weeks for each study.

During this review, we focused on tow of the studies ~

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Labor-DayThe first study we did, over a period of a couple of weeks, was the labor day unit study. This study teaches children about the history of labor day. The unit is fifty three pages long and includes an overview for the teacher and three lessons each for K-6th and 7th-12th.  The k-6th lessons take approximately one hour to complete and the 7th-12th grade lessons take anywhere from ninety minutes to two hours to complete depending on how in depth you do the activities.

The first lesson focuses on Eleanor Roosevelt’s involvement in fighting against child labor and unsafe working conditions.  There is an activity after each lesson and this one shows a picture of families with small children who are all working and asks different questions about the picture. Lesson tow talks about the first labor day and lesson three tells about how the President proclaimed Labor Day a holiday.

I have four children in different grades. I only have one elementary child and three middle and high school age children. The studies are set up where it is easy to use for each level. The 7th-12th grade level does go more in depth and the activities are longer, but it was easy to involve all of my children and discuss the holiday with them.  The older children understood more than the seven year old, but she also learned a lot about why we have Labor Day and what we can learn from it.

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Veterens-DayThe other study we focused on during the review period was the Veteran’s Day study. This study is forty nine pages long. The lessons include President Wilson and Armistice Day, Wilson’s Fourteen Points, and Dwight Eisenhower and How We Got Veteran's Day.

My seven year old enjoyed this study and is looking forward to being able to do the activities listed this coming Veteran’s Day that include going to a parade, visiting veteran’s in our town, and writing letters to veteran’s. My older kids really did not know very much about Veteran’s Day and they were thankful to be able to learn more about the holiday. We will probably revisit this study in October before Veteran’s Day and do more of the activities listed for this study since we have many nursing homes and a Veteran’s home in our town where we can visit.

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Thanksgiving White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Christmas
Martin-Luther-Kind-Jr-Unit-Study White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Valentines-Day

We plan to use these studies during the school year. One for each month from November to February to learn about these last four holidays.

Overall, we enjoyed going through the studies and learning more about the holidays and about the history involved around the holiday.

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Whew. It has been busy around here the past few weeks. I started a new part-time job in May which took a little time to get used to. June has brought driver's ed for my second son, which he passed the classroom portion of.

I had been praying (since January of this year) for a 2nd shift (3pm -11pm) job to open up for me due to some financial needs our family had. I applied to several places, but not having worked outside the house for the past 15 years, it was difficult. I never heard back from any of the places I applied to. One day in May, a friend from church who owns a senior/assisted living facility, called and asked if I would want a part-time, Monday through Thursday, 3pm - 9pm job! I said yes and started working the following week. It has now been five weeks and I am enjoying it so much. My kids have also adjusted to me being gone. It is the almost exactly the job I was praying for. God knew what I needed and when I needed it.

My second son who will be 15 in July took driver's ed this past week at the local high school. He was able to pass the classroom portion with a 95%. He will do the driving portion in the next few weeks. If he passes that part, he will be able to get his permit.

That's just a little update about what's been happening around here the last several weeks. I have a review this week and another in a few weeks. I've cut back from reviews since I started working so I could have some time to adjust. Have a great weekend!


Scripture and a Snapshot ~ 6/3/18


Photo taken by me at Fort Macon.

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