What's For Dinner? August 31 to September 5

In no particular order for this week:

~ Chicken Stroganoff
~ Chicken Enchilada Casserole
~ Beef Tips (or beef stew)
~ Hamburgers
~ Homemade Pizza
~ Leftover night (we have one leftover night a week to clean out the fridge and try not to let any food go to waste)

Click the image above for more menus.


School Time ~ Planners

We are starting our third week of school this week. It has been going great and I am glad I found some planning tips to make our day go more smoothly.

The first planning tip that I have found useful is writing my boys assignments into a spiral notebook each week. I write down their daily assignment and they check it off. It helps keep us both accountable. You can learn more here.

For my oldest daughter, pictured above, I use the My Student Logbook that I reviewed last year. I loved it so much that I had to order one again this year. She loves to check off her assignments each day.

I am using Alpha Omega Horizons Preschool with my 4 year old and she is just loving it. She loves to cut and glue. She just really loves to learn. I don't have a planner for her, yet. But as she gets older, I will most likely stick with My Student Logbook during the elementary years and move to the spiral notebook when they get into middle school because right now it is what works for us. But, that could change. I will just go year by year.


Final Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

Wow, I can't believe our summer break is over. We start our new school year today. It took me a while to finally decide our curriculum this year.

Up first, my 8th grader. He is taking a few high school credit classes this year. He will be studying the following:

~ Abeka Algebra I (High school course)
~ Visual Latin (High school course)
~ Apologia Biology (High school course)
~ Fix It Grammar: Book 3
~ Abeka Literature
~ Abeka US History
~ Abeka Spelling
~ Jump In Writing

Next, for my 7th grader, I chose the following:

~ Saxon Algebra 1/2
~ Abeka World History
~ Fix It Grammar: Book 3
~ Abeka Literature
~ Abeka Spelling
~ Apologia General Science
~ Jump In Writing

For my 5th grader I chose:

~ CTC Math
~ Abeka World History
~ Fix It Grammar: Book 1
~ Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology
~ A Reason for Handwriting
~ Abeka Reading
~ Home Spelling Words

My 4 year old is using Alpha Omega Horizons curriculum for preschool. She will be done in December and move on to Abeka K5 in January. We bagan the Horizons curriculum in the spring and have worked through the summer 3-4 days a week on it.


Freebie: President Copywork Book 2

Presidents 11-20 are ready (just a few days late). I am planning on doing ten presidents a week until it is completed. I will post the freebie every Monday.

Click on the image to above to download the book or click here.

Presidents 1-10


Wordless Wednesday

Happy 12th birthday to my youngest son!


Menu Plan Monday


It's just my husband, two girls, and me this week since my boys are away on a mission trip.

Monday: Roast beef in crockpot with carrots, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts

Tuesday: Chicken tacos

Wednesday: Hamburgers with zucchini and onions

Thursday: BBQ Chicken with veggies

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: ?? Celebrating my son's birthday. His birthday is the 22nd, but we will celebrate when he gets home from his mission trip.

Click the picture up top for more menu ideas.


Freebie: President Copywork Book

I have been working on a copywork book for Presidents. I have only done the first ten presidents, but I wanted to go ahead and post it. I am planning on doing ten presidents a week until it is completed. I will post the freebie every Monday.

Click on the image to above to download the book or click here.



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