The Everday Family Chore System Review

The Everyday Family Chore System Review

I have been looking for ways to help me get my kids to want to do their chores. Also, my kids only want to do just one chore and not learn to do other chores. The Everyday Family Chore System has some great advice on how to get your kids to rotate through some different chores that you set up. This chore system was designed by Vickie Bentley of Everyday Homemaking.

I received the digital version of The Everyday Family Chore System. The book is about 88 pages long and is broken down into three parts.

Part one talks about laying a foundation. Training your children from the beginning is the first step to having a successful home management system. The book tells how to have age appropriate expectations of your kids.

Part two talks about implementing the plan. There is a life skills checklist in this part that tells you what your child should be able to do at a certain age. Also included in part two is how to put together a chore chart. There are several options listed in how to make this work. (see below)  There are also zone cleaning pages and “how to” pages included in this section.

Sample pages

Part three is the actual chore system. There are printable chores (job labels) and printable how to do it cards. One way to make a chart is to print out the job labels and attach them to clothes pins. You can then put the clothespin next to the child’s name that has that chore for the week or month. The how to do it cards help the child learn how to set the table, sweep, vacuum, dust, tidy the bathroom, and several more (too many to list). There are also blank job labels and blank how to cards if you need to make your own.

I plan to set up this chore system in September. We have just been so busy that I haven’t had time to do it yet. I have already been going through the chores and writing down which ones my kids, ages 15, 14, almost 12, and 6, can do by themselves. I have also noted which how to cards my kids will need to use to do certain chores and we may use these cards to do a fall cleaning. This system looks fairly easy to use and I think it will work great in our home. I’m looking forward to getting it implemented.

Everyday Cooking and Chores Systems for your Family {Everyday Homemaking Reviews}



Outside the Home

Some of the ways we get outside of the house on a regular basis are field trips, park days, Trail Life for my boys, and church.

I try to schedule several field trips throughout the year so we can get out and away from the books. Some of the field trips we take are to the aquarium, zoo, and the science or history museum. This year I also am planning a trip to the bird park here in Eastern NC since my 1st grader is using Apologia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

We also go to the beach and the forts that are at the beach. There are two forts that are close to us: Fort Macon and Fort Fisher.

Another way we get out of the house is to go on nature trail walks, especially when the weather is cooler. The Cedar Point trail is our favorite.

Those are just a few of the things when we get outside the home. See what the other crew members do to get out of their homes.

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Planning and Organization

Planning and Organization:
I do a little planning during our summer break to get ready for the new school year. This past summer, I planned out all 170 days of my boy's lessons. I wrote down all of their assignments to be done each day in a spiral notebook. I was going to do my oldest daughter's lessons but ran out of time. I will probably get hers finished in a few weeks. Since I have so many teacher's books, it is just so much simpler to write everything down at the beginning so I don't have to drag them out each week to write everything down. I also don't date the assignments, just write lesson 1, lesson 2, etc. So if we take a field trip, the lessons don't get off. The kids can just pick up with the next lesson.

A few years ago I wrote this Homeschool Organization post. I try to keep all the quizzes and tests and papers that are needed for the year in a plastic container in file folders. Then I can just pull them out as needed.

Record Keeping:
The only record I have kept prior to my oldest reaching 9th grade is an attendance record (required by the state).

Last year, I only had one student to keep grades for, so I did it on a printable grade keeper form I found. It was sometimes difficult to keep up with especially at the end of each quarter and semester. I did manage to get the right grades and make up a transcript at the end of the year, but I would suggest being super organized if you go with the paper method.

This year I have two students I need to keep records for, so I downloaded the free version of Homeschool Tracker. This program makes it easy to keep track of their grades. I give them the test or quiz and grade it right away. I then enter the grade into the tracker program and I have it readily available. The Homeschool Tracker also keeps track of attendance. At the end of the year, I am able to print the grades and the attendance to keep on file.

Be sure to check out the post on the Homeschool Review Crew blog about planning and record keeping.

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Our Must Have School Supplies

**This post may contain affiliate links**

Today I am joining the Homeschool Review Crew as we share our favorite school supplies. What are some of your must have school supplies for your homeschool?

You will find some of our must have school supplies in the list below.

1. Ticonderoga Pencils ~ These are the best pencils ever. They sharpen good and write well. They are also long lasting. I ordered a large pack last year and we still have plenty pencils left for this year.

2. Pencil Sharpener ~ A good pencil needs a good sharpener. I reviewed the Classroom Friendly Supply sharpener in 2014 and we are still using it and it is still working great. You can order directly from the site or this one like it from Amazon is also nice.

3. Laminator ~ I have a laminator like the one on the left. I have had it for several years and it is still working great. They have an updated version and I am sure it still works the same as the one I have. The laminators sometimes go on sale on Amazon, but if you don't want to wait for a sale, there are several other brands to choose from.

4. Spiral notebooks ~ I use these to write down my oldest three's work for the day. I got the idea a few years ago from this blog post. I also have them write their answers down in a spiral notebook which makes it easier to check it.

5. Art Supplies ~ My girls love creating, coloring, and painting. We always have a supply of crayons, colored pencils, and watercolor paints on hand. We also keep paper and different coloring books on hand. Recently, our favorite paints are the paint stix from Kwik Stix. You can read my review about them here and here.

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Curriculum Choices 2017-2018 School Year

This week, I am joining my fellow crew mates over at the Homeschool Review Crew blog for a back to homeschool blog hop. Today we will be discussing the different curriculum we use in our homeschool.

This year my oldest son is in 10th grade. 

He will be using the following for his studies:

My youngest son is in 9th grade this year.

He will be using the following:

My oldest daughter is in 7th grade this year.

She will be using the following:

For literature she will be using the following:

My youngest daughter is in 1st grade this year.

She will be using Abeka for everything except science. We are using Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for science.

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