New Bern, NC

New Bern, NC is turning 300 next year and they have placed these bears all over town. Here are a few of the ones we saw today:


Keeping busy

Charlotte finished with her coloring:

Kevin keeping busy:

Josiah working:


Week 6

Kevin and Josiah are starting week 6 of school. I'm glad I decided to start early and I'm sure the boys will appreciate it when they get their 4 week break in October.

Charlotte has not started K4 yet, but she may start this week. I was going to wait until after Labor Day, but she said she wants to start now. All of her friends from church start today, so I may start her today also.


A better spider picture

The boys actually named her Charlotte. I'm not sure how their sister Charlotte feels about this.


On Saturday we went to a Revolutionary War re-enactment. The kids had a lot of fun and learned some new things. We saw the original CSS Neuse (we visited the replica on Friday).

Here are a few pictures:



We have a bunch of these orb spiders around our house. One decided to make a huge web in front of our front door. We only use the back door, so I'll let her stay. The boys love looking at the spiders and the neat webs they make.

CSS Nesue II

Today we went and visited the CSS Neuse II. It is located in our town. Here is a little about it that I copied from a website: "Visit the world’s only full-sized facsimile of a Confederate gunboat to realize what a sailor’s life was like during the Civil War. The 158-foot long boat draws visitors from across the United States and from foreign countries.
The boat rests a scant distance from the “cat hole” in the Neuse River where the original ironclad gunboat was fitted with iron plating."

Here are a few pictures:

Where the captain stood:

Ringing the bell:


Middle of August

I cannot believe how fast this month is going by. I still have not thought about a field trip. I need to get on the ball and get these kids out of the house.


Plans for August

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This year I have a 2nd grader (Kevin), a 1st grader (Josiah) and an almost 4 year old (Charlotte). We began our school year on July 1 and it went smoothly for most of the month. We did have to take a week off because of sickness. I have actually started to use a schedule this year. We have Bible class first, then Josiah does phonics while Kevin works on some seat work. Then it is Kevin's turn for phonics while Josiah works on some seatwork. And after seat work is math (usually Josiah is done with his work first, so he gets his math lesson first:)) About the time I finish Kevin's math lesson, it is time for a lunch break. And finally after lunch is reading, science (Wed-Fri)and art (Fri). I enjoy teaching my children. It is exciting to see them learn.

We went on a field trip in the beginning of July, but stayed home the rest of the month. The kids did go to VBS last week, so they were able to get out and have some fun.

I haven't really planned out the whole month of August yet, because things may happen or come up, like sicknesses. I would like to plan another field trip day for this month. We have a history museum close by, but there is also the aquarium, zoo and Civil War forts. There is also a battleship in Wilmington, about a 2 hour drive. I have been asking the kids, but they haven't decided yet either. I will update the blog when we do take our field trip. I will have lots of pictures to share.



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