What a weekend!

On Thursday, August 25, we realized that Hurricane Irene was really heading our way.  Where she was going to exactly hit was still not known.  We decided to take Friday off from school to prepare for her arrival.  We put everything that was outside (lawn mower, trash can, etc) into the shed and garage.

Around 4 PM Friday, it stared to rain and get a little windy.  After all the kids were in bed, I tried to get some sleep too, but the tornado warnings started.  I stayed up until they were expired around 1 AM.  About 2 AM Saturday, the power went off and when we called the power company, they said it would be a while before the trucks could get out.

I got the kids up around 6 AM because it was starting  to get very windy outside and there are a lot of trees around the bedrooms.  It kept getting more and more windy and around 8 AM a tree fell on our boat and dog pen.  Around 9 AM Saturday morning, one of the trees fell on our house right above the boys bedroom.  It didn't come all the way through, but it did cause a leak in the room.  After that happened we all sat in the living room for the rest of the day.  The wind was over 80 mph here at our house for a while, before calming down to 40 mph in the evening.  It was a long day.  We finally got into bed (the boys had to sleep on the pull out couch Saturday evening) around 9 PM.  The rain had stopped, but it was still windy.

The "eye" of Hurricane Irene did up hitting Cape Lookout which is about 100 miles from our house.

I woke up around 12:30 AM Sunday morning and noticed it was very calm outside.  I got out of bed and noticed the clock on the oven was blinking.  We had our power back!  We were without power for 22 hours and had quite a bit of trees and branches down around the house, but we are all okay.

We did take yesterday off from school and cleaned up some of the branches outside.  The landlord came by and was able to get the tree off of the house and get a tarp on for right now.  Now to get back to normal and back to our schedule.  Praying we don't have any more major storms this season.


An Impromptu Science Lesson

An Orb-Weaver spider made a web on our porch last night.  I walked out to the mailbox this morning and a wasp flew right into the web.   When the spider started running after the wasp, I called the kids to come and watch the spider.  We watched as the spider wrapped up the wasp and carried it back to the center of the web.  We then watched as the spider "ate" the wasp.  What a way to start the school day with an impromptu science lesson!

This is a picture of the spider we had last year who made a web in front of our front door that we never use:


School Pictures

Not the greatest pictures of the boys.  I will try to get a group shot later.

Kevin, 4th grade:

Josiah, 3rd grade:

Charlotte, 1st grade:

Sara, 5 months:


Bad days

Ever have a day when the kids don't listen and can't seem to focus?  Yesterday was one of those days.  For some reason, my boys had a hard time focusing and kept fighting and would not listen.  I just decided to end school after math.
I received a devotional book for homeschoolers titled Encouragement Along The Way by Bobbie Howard. I read the first day and the Bible verse for the day was Isaiah 55:8-9: "For My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than yours, and My thoughts than your thoughts."  God knows what is going to happen before we do.  His plan is the right plan.  His way is perfect.  Sure we didn't finish our school day, but God taught me something and I need to learn what He is teaching me while I try to teach my children.


Back to School Photo checklist

Here is a cute back-to-school printable from Rebecca Cooper over at Simple As That:

This is a school photo checklist to help you, as parents, capture all those fabulous back-to-school moments!


Thoughts as we reach the end of week three

Homeschooling three children in three different grades is really not as difficult as I thought it would be this year. Part of the reason why I think it is not as difficult, is my 4th and 3rd graders can do some independent work. My 1st grader does some independent work, but needs more help in certain areas. Another reason could be that I have actually made a schedule this year. The kids know what subjects are coming up as they do their work and can move on to the next thing if I am working with one of the other kids.
I have also been using the social media to find "help." What works best for others? Will it work for me too? I have entered a few giveaways on different blogs and have won a few items which has broadened my knowledge of curriculum and planning. One of the items I won this year is a Write Shop book. We are now using this curriculum for writing in place of our usual. Another item I won was a Well Planned Day planner and binder. I love it! It has helped me to stay on schedule and plan for the week ahead. I have also found a lot of free websites from being on Facebook which will be a great help.
Since I have a 5 month old baby girl, some days do not always go as planned.  There are days she doesn't want to nap and wants to be held. Other days she takes long naps. I have learned to multi-task and go with the flow with her. We still get our work done and she is happy to be around the other kids. She's also learning!
As we finish week three of our new school year, I am praying the rest of the school year goes as smoothly as the beginning.

Now for some pictures:


Library day

Yesterday was our first Library day.  Kevin needed a book report book.  He picked out a Sugar Creek Gang book.  They had been listening to the series on the radio and he has been very interested in reading some of the books.  He also picked out a shark book and a squid book.
Josiah is a little different.  He picked out 2 comic book type books and one historical non fiction called Pioneers.
Charlotte picked out a Fancy Nancy book and 2 others.

We enjoy going to the Library.  I also borrowed 3 US History books.  Both Kevin and Josiah are learning about US History this year.  Since Kevin will be learning about North Carolina history this year, I picked up a Pirates of the Carolinas book also.


Painting- Art

The kids wanted to do something for art yesterday.  They asked if they could each paint a picture.
Here are the results:


Kevin's abstract painting :)

Kevin's other painting:




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