Thoughts as we reach the end of week three

Homeschooling three children in three different grades is really not as difficult as I thought it would be this year. Part of the reason why I think it is not as difficult, is my 4th and 3rd graders can do some independent work. My 1st grader does some independent work, but needs more help in certain areas. Another reason could be that I have actually made a schedule this year. The kids know what subjects are coming up as they do their work and can move on to the next thing if I am working with one of the other kids.
I have also been using the social media to find "help." What works best for others? Will it work for me too? I have entered a few giveaways on different blogs and have won a few items which has broadened my knowledge of curriculum and planning. One of the items I won this year is a Write Shop book. We are now using this curriculum for writing in place of our usual. Another item I won was a Well Planned Day planner and binder. I love it! It has helped me to stay on schedule and plan for the week ahead. I have also found a lot of free websites from being on Facebook which will be a great help.
Since I have a 5 month old baby girl, some days do not always go as planned.  There are days she doesn't want to nap and wants to be held. Other days she takes long naps. I have learned to multi-task and go with the flow with her. We still get our work done and she is happy to be around the other kids. She's also learning!
As we finish week three of our new school year, I am praying the rest of the school year goes as smoothly as the beginning.

Now for some pictures:

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