End of our 1st quarter

We are nearing the end of our first quarter.  The end of the first nine weeks!  It has been relatively smooth and the kids are really enjoying school.  Something new for my fourth grader is the fact that he now has to take a nine week exam.  He loves to learn and remembers a lot of things that I don't even remember!  I really think he will do fine.  We will review for a few days before the exam.

The other two children, who are in third and first, are doing really well with their school work.  My first grader does have a rough time with learning cursive on some days, but other days she just sits down and gets it done.  She has finally mastered her first name which is a big accomplishment for her.

The next nine weeks will mean we are halfway done with school for the year.  And now that fall is finally here, we will be able to get out and do more things.  We want to go on a few field trips the next nine weeks.


Having Fun

On Tuesday, we went down to New Bern and just had a little bit of fun even though it was sprinkling.  We went to the mall and then to Union Point Park and walked around the river front.

Josiah in a tree at the park


Charlotte sitting on a bear

Sara relaxing in her seat

It was good to get out of the house and just enjoy the outdoors.


More Vietnam Traveling Wall

We went back to the Vietnam Traveling Wall on Friday.  It was cold and rainy, but we had a great time finding names. We don't have any family members that we lost, but we looked up names of people with our last name. My son Kevin found a James Collier with the same birth date as him and thought that was pretty neat.


Vietnam Traveling Wall

The Vietnam Traveling Wall is visiting our city this weekend.  Today, they had an opening ceremony.  We went to the opening ceremony, but decided to go back at a later time to view the wall when it is not so crowded.  I will post more pictures after we go back and see the wall up close.


Learning on Labor Day

Yesterday was the unofficial last day of summer for many people.  We took advantage of the great weather and headed down to the coast.  We decided to go to Fort Macon (North Carolina) and explore the fort.

First we went into all of the rooms (exhibits) they have set up that tell the history of the fort. We listened to all of the programs and learned how the fort was built, when it was used during the Civil War, and how it became a state park.

We wanted to explore the outside wall, but since Hurricane Irene had come through just the week before, there was an army of mosquitoes and they started to attack, so we had to get out of there fast.

Fort Macon has a wonderful building that has some exhibits and also a short movie about the fort.  We were able to watch the movie and learn more about the fort away from the mosquitoes.

After we explored the fort, we decided we had a little bit of time to go to the beach and do some fishing,


and sleeping.



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