Field Trip Friday

Yesterday was field trip day!  We went to the Waynesborough Historical Village in Goldsboro, NC.  It is a neat little village of different houses, a church and a schoolhouse that represent the late 1800's.   They also have walking trails that lead down to the Neuse River.

Charlotte in the house:

Kevin and Josiah checking out the house:

Sara outside the doctor's office:

Outside one of the houses:

Josiah preaching in the church:

In the church:

In the one room school house:

The church on the left and the school on the right:

After we left the village, we came back to Kinston and went to Neuseway Park.  We had a lot of fun in the buildings.

We saw Oliver, the cockatoo:

And a bunch of other animals.

We went into the science building:

And finally, we played at the park:

It was a fun and busy day!  

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