Wow, we have had some busy days since I last posted.  The weekend before Veteran's Day, we were able to attend a Veteran's Day parade in our hometown.


It was a cold day!

Last weekend, the boys went fishing while the girls did some shopping and played at the park. 

Enjoying a beautiful day at the park 
Picnic lunch

The girls headed back to where the boys were fishing and we were able to see a pod of dolphins right befre we left the pier.  Kevin Jr caught 4 fish, 2 blow-fish and 2 speckled trout.  The speckled trout were too small, so they had to throw those back.  


Field Trip Friday (10/28)

Last Thursday, October 27, we traveled 2 hours south to get to our field trip destination.  My mom was visiting Lake Waccamaw with her church group and wanted us to meet her there for a couple of nights.  We arrived around 8:00 PM on Thursday.  They were enjoying a camp fire and s'mores.  We talked for another hour and decided 9:00 was a good time to settle down and go to bed.  The next day, Friday, we met for breakfast, but split up to do some odd jobs around The Anchorage Camp.  After lunch, we went into town and shopped.  We also visited Lake Waccamaw State Park.  We came back to our room and rested before going to dinner.  After dinner, we were able to enjoy another camp fire.  We said goodnight and my mom and her group headed back to Florida the next day and we headed back to the house.

My girls:


Kevin touching the "pet" alligator:

At the state park:



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