Our curriculum

Our curriculum this year is pretty basic.  I have a 5th, a 4th, and a 2nd grader this year.  

For all the basics (penmanship, language, math, spelling, science, history, health), we will be using A Beka.

95702       98752      135097  

We will do penamanship, language, and math everyday.  Spelling, history, and science Monday through Thursday.  Science is 1st semester and health is 2nd semester.

For Bible, we will use Proverbs people from TheLearning Parent.

I found some free online typing  and Spanish lessons for the kids to do this year.

And finally, for art, we are using Lambs Book of Art by Barry Stebbing.

The Lamb's Book of Art 1   -     
        By: Barry Stebbing

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