Song of the Brokenhearted ~ Review

Song of the Brokenhearted
by Shelia Walsh & Candy Martinusen Coloma

This book is about a lady named Ava and how far she has come from her "troubled" childhood.  Ava is now in her late forties and has started a ministry in her church.  She has the "perfect" marriage, two great kids, and a beautiful house.  Until one day...it all fell apart.  Ava has to learn to fully rely on God through the good times and now through the bad times.  

This book was a great read.  I found myself not wanting to put it down, but with a toddler in the house, it was not possible to keep reading.  I had to read it when she was in bed.  This book was beautifully written and has an easy to follow story line.  There are also many great lessons to learn from this book.  Do we always rely on God?  Even during our bad times?  I learned that God will always be with us- at ALL times.

I received this book from Book Sneeze for an honest review.

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