Is this year really over?

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  It seems like it just started.  I always think in January and February the year is going by so slowly, but then all of a sudden December is here!  We had a fun filled year this year.
In January, we went to the North Carolina Outer Banks.   We visited the aquarium and the Wright Brothers Memorial.  It was a little chilly and my oldest got car sick, but we had a fun day.

We also visited our state’s capitol in January.

February, my oldest son turned 10 years old the day after Valentine’s Day!

It started getting warmer outside in March and we celebrated my youngest daughter’s first birthday!  The daffodils bloom in March and are so pretty,

In April we visited the park and the boys dug for some fossils.  In May and June, we went strawberry and blueberry picking.

The rest of the summer months were filled with a trip to the beach, celebrating my youngest son’s 9th birthday, a trip to the Marble’s Museum in Raleigh, and a trip to Fort Macon to start off the school year.

The fall months came and we were able to go on a camping trip and to the NC Zoo for my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday.

In November, we celebrated Veteran’s Day by going to a parade in our town.

And now, this year is over and we will start new adventures in 2013.  The kids will all turn one year older.  We will visit many different places.  We will make new memories.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy 2013!

  2. What great fun you had in 2012! Following you from the crew!

  3. What a nice year. We went to the Outer Banks in May....we love it there. Try to go every couple years!

  4. Looks like you all had lots of fun!! Visiting from the Crew!!

  5. Is the 9 candle on top of a pie? That sounds like my kind of birthday treat!! Stopping by from the Crew. Happy New Year!!

    1. It's actually flan- a custard dessert. I flipped it over before it cooled, so that is why it is broken up.




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