My Pastor

My Pastor was diagnosed with cancer over 3 years ago.  We as a church were devastated to hear the news and began to be in constant prayer for our leader.  He went through surgery to remove the cancer and also went through radiation and chemo.  He was doing great.  After a while, he even started preaching again.  He hardly took any time off and the deacons had to make him take a vacation.  He loved his church so much.

Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with MDS (leukemia).  He traveled to MD Anderson in Houston, TX after the Dr.'s told him here in NC there was nothing that could be done to help him.  The doctors in Houston told him they would be willing to give him a bone marrow transplant.  He had to wait until a donor was found and they actually found two donors!  The bone marrow transplant was to take place on November 21.

On November 4, my Pastor preached a wonderful message to his church family.  He had faith that God would heal him and he would be able to finish his ministry strong.

On November 21, the transplant was done and now it was a time of waiting to see if it would take.  He became very ill on December 1 and was in a medical coma for over a week.  He woke up on December 10 and everyone had hope and we just knew he would get better.  God had different plans.  Pastor became very ill again on December 12 and his family (that were not there with him) were called.  He was able to communicate with his family when they got there on Friday.  They spent the entire day on Saturday just praising God and praying he would remain here on earth.  Again, God had different plans.  Today, December 17, my pastor went Home to be with his Lord and Savior.

He was a great man of God and will be missed.  But, it is only temporary.  We know we will see him again some day.  His message on November 4th did come true- he received the ultimate healing and his ministry did finish strong.

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