What's for dinner?

I have been trying to feed my family healthier dinners this year.  It has been difficult at times trying to please everyone, but still make dinner healthy and fun.  Some days I cook something and one child will not even try what I cooked.  Other days I cook something and everyone loves it.  This week, I am going to try to make something every night that everyone likes while still trying to make it healthy.

A display of mixed fresh vegetables.

~Sunday-Crockpot Pot Roast
~Monday- Pizza with whole wheat crust (I know, not the healthiest, but my kids have been asking me to make pizza for a week now.  We usually eat pizza once a week anyway)
~Tuesday- Roast chicken and veggies
~Wednesday- Chicken fettuccine alfredo-  I am going to attempt to make this with lowfat milk and some garden vegetable fettuccine noodles.
~Thursday- Whiting (fish)- baked
~ Friday- Possibly hamburgers (Again, not healthy, but probably healthier than eating out)  :)

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Field Trip on a Saturday?

Last Saturday, we were able to attend our Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s Inauguration.  It was such a beautiful day (after the fog lifted).  After the Inauguration, we watched the Inauguration Parade.  Earlier in December, the Lt. Governor sent out an invitation to attend a BBQ on Inauguration Day.  We had RSVP’d and we really enjoyed our lunch at the Lt. Governor’s Office.  We still had some time, so we visited the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Overall, we had a great day and the kids were able to learn something too.
Waiting for the Inauguration to start:
2013 002
Lt. Governor:
2013 005
2013 008
2013 012
2013 013
2013 020
Lt. Governor’s Office:
2013 035
Science Museum:
2013 036


What’s for Lunch?

Do you ever have one of those days when your cupboards are just about bare and you can’t go to the grocery store until the next day?  Or does that only happen to me?  That happens here at least once a month.  My boys love to eat and I always tell them not to eat too much or we will run out of food before I get to the grocery store the next week. 
I had one of those days last week and had no idea what to serve for lunch.  I opened the freezer and found some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  I had some leftover rice from our stir fry dinner that we had the day before.  I also had some chicken stock in the freezer.
I started thinking and putting together a plan.   Thaw out the turkey, make a roux for the stock to make a cream of chicken soup.  Throw it all together and voila!  We have turkey and rice casserole for lunch!  My kids love it when I make turkey and rice casserole. 

Here is my “throw together” recipe:
Cooked turkey or chicken- (I don’t measure, but I had about 2 cups and it was good for an 8x8 casserole)
Chicken stock (or 1 –2 cans cream of chicken soup)
Rice- I used about 1 1/2 cups
Stuffing- I use Pepperidge Farm
1/4 C butter – only if making your own cream soup
4 tbsp flour – only if making your own cream soup
Make a roux with the butter and flour in a saucepan over medium heat.  Pour in the chicken stock and stir until thick.
Put the turkey and rice into a casserole dish.  Pour the soup on top and mix everything together.  Put some stuffing on top.  And stick it in a 350 degree oven for about 30 min.
Note: if you want soft stuffing, mix some of the soup with it; if you want crunchy stuffing, just put it right on top of the turkey and rice mix.
Serve with some sides.

It was delicious and my kids ate it all up.  A quick and easy lunch.

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What's In The Bible DVD

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One Word 2013

I had not planned to have a “one word” this year, but the more I thought about it, the more this word kept popping up.
Those who read my blog know that my pastor passed away last month.  It has been a difficult time for those of us in our church. 
I have picked the word “Comfort” for this year.

Psalm 34:18a~ The Lord is near to those who have  a broken heart…
I know the Lord comforts us in times of trials.  I also know the Lord will give me comfort this year as I keep my focus on him during this time of trial in our church.  I also want to be a comfort to others who are going through different trials and with God’s help, I will be able to do it.

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How I Paid for Christmas

This past Christmas, I was able to buy my children some gifts that I would not have been able to afford normally.  How did I do it?  I do searches online and get rewarded with gift cards to Amazon. 
The first site that I am a member of is Swagbucks.  I do my searching on there and get rewarded with points.  There are also other ways to earn points on this site.  For example, there is a daily poll, there are several surveys, and there are free offers to do to earn points.  You also get rewarded when you make your daily goal.  Now, you may be thinking this is a scam.  It is not.  I have been doing this for several years, but have just recently gotten more into it and have earned enough gifts cards to do my Christmas shopping.  There are other gift cards and rewards besides Amazon that you are able to choose from also.  Take a look at Swagbucks and you may be able to have enough points to earn some of your favorite gift cards to pay for some Christmas gifts for 2013.

The second site that I have recently signed up with is bing.com.  With Bing, you only earn enough points to get at least one $5 Amazon gift card a month.  But, $60 a year is better than $0 a year!  Like Swagbucks, Bing does have other rewards that you can choose from.   Also, you only can do 30 searches a day on Bing to earn 15 points.  That is why it takes a bit longer to save up for the gift card.  Take a look at Bing and start earning points today!
I hope this post helps you and you can start earning gift cards too.  It really doesn’t take that much time every day to earn some points.  The Amazon gift cards never expire once you put them into your Amazon account and you can save them up for the year (to be able to buy Christmas gifts).
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