How I Paid for Christmas

This past Christmas, I was able to buy my children some gifts that I would not have been able to afford normally.  How did I do it?  I do searches online and get rewarded with gift cards to Amazon. 
The first site that I am a member of is Swagbucks.  I do my searching on there and get rewarded with points.  There are also other ways to earn points on this site.  For example, there is a daily poll, there are several surveys, and there are free offers to do to earn points.  You also get rewarded when you make your daily goal.  Now, you may be thinking this is a scam.  It is not.  I have been doing this for several years, but have just recently gotten more into it and have earned enough gifts cards to do my Christmas shopping.  There are other gift cards and rewards besides Amazon that you are able to choose from also.  Take a look at Swagbucks and you may be able to have enough points to earn some of your favorite gift cards to pay for some Christmas gifts for 2013.

The second site that I have recently signed up with is bing.com.  With Bing, you only earn enough points to get at least one $5 Amazon gift card a month.  But, $60 a year is better than $0 a year!  Like Swagbucks, Bing does have other rewards that you can choose from.   Also, you only can do 30 searches a day on Bing to earn 15 points.  That is why it takes a bit longer to save up for the gift card.  Take a look at Bing and start earning points today!
I hope this post helps you and you can start earning gift cards too.  It really doesn’t take that much time every day to earn some points.  The Amazon gift cards never expire once you put them into your Amazon account and you can save them up for the year (to be able to buy Christmas gifts).
Note: the links to Swagbucks and Bing are affiliate links.

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