What's for dinner?

I have been trying to feed my family healthier dinners this year.  It has been difficult at times trying to please everyone, but still make dinner healthy and fun.  Some days I cook something and one child will not even try what I cooked.  Other days I cook something and everyone loves it.  This week, I am going to try to make something every night that everyone likes while still trying to make it healthy.

A display of mixed fresh vegetables.

~Sunday-Crockpot Pot Roast
~Monday- Pizza with whole wheat crust (I know, not the healthiest, but my kids have been asking me to make pizza for a week now.  We usually eat pizza once a week anyway)
~Tuesday- Roast chicken and veggies
~Wednesday- Chicken fettuccine alfredo-  I am going to attempt to make this with lowfat milk and some garden vegetable fettuccine noodles.
~Thursday- Whiting (fish)- baked
~ Friday- Possibly hamburgers (Again, not healthy, but probably healthier than eating out)  :)

For more of my recipes, visit my recipe blog by clicking here.


  1. Half tempted to just copy your menu and tweak it for us. :o) I really have a hard time trying to do menu planning, so jt's always great to see what others are eating.

    We do Pizza on Saturday nights. :o)

  2. Okay, what time should be be there? There are 8 of us right now... *grin*




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