New Use for an Old Crib

Our dryer quit working about three weeks ago and we have been trying to fix it ourselves to save money.  We have replaced some different things, but it is still not working. I don't have a clothes line and didn't want to invest in one. I want to be able to dry the clothes inside when it is raining outside. I looked at my old crib and realized I could hang clothes on it.

I set up both of the long sides from the crib and hang up the clothes that need drying. It saves me from driving into town (we live in the country) to dry our clothes every couple of days. I was also able to recycle the crib and use it for something. We hope to be able to get the dryer fixed or get a new one very quickly, but until then, I will keep using my crib to dry the clothes.


  1. Super Creative!
    ♥Kerry from the Review Crew

  2. :) This made me smile. My kids used the end panels of an old crib for an art easel.




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