Uncle Jesus ~ Review

Uncle Jesus by Georgia Lee Anderson is a heartwarming story that helps us imagine what it would have been like to be Jesus' relative while He lived on earth. Jesus had brothers, including one named Jude, the author of the Bible book of the same name. In Uncle Jesus, Jude's fictional son, Shem visits Grandma Mary, the mother of Jesus. He relates some first hand experiences he had with his Uncle Jesus when He was still on earth.

This was a great little story to read to my children. There was just one part that was not explained well. It mentioned that Jesus had died, but did not say anything about how He was raised from the dead and went to live in Heaven. It was just assumed. Shem, the fictional nephew of Jesus, had a great time visiting his grandmother, Mary and remembering all of the things he did with Jesus. Mary then tells Shem about how the angel came to visit her, Jesus' birth, and Jesus' life.  She tells Shem how she had to explain that Jesus was the Messiah when her other children questioned her. My kids enjoyed listening and reading this story. I think it helped them to be able to realize that Jesus probably did have nieces and nephews and how they felt after Jesus went to live in Heaven.

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  1. Sounds like a unique book! Thanks for the review!

  2. What an interesting story concept. Sounds like a cute book. :)




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