How to Have a Successful Spontaneous Field Trip

Last Thursday, I decided to take the kids on a spontaneous field trip down to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. While we were driving though, it started to cloud up. We had looked at the weather before hand and it said 30% chance of rain. Most of the time when it says under 50%, we usually don't get any rain!

 photo 579e946b-7773-44ae-b833-c938c4178e42_zps994c16b0.jpg

Now you are probably wondering, how can a spontaneous field trip be successful?

I had been planning to take the kids to the beach for a while. I was just waiting for a beautiful sunny day. So really, I was planning and knew what needed to be done when the right day arrived.

Back to field trip day. It started sprinkling wight when we were about to go over the bridge to the beach, so we decided to eat lunch and see if it cleared up. We ate and when we came out it started raining harder. Ugh. Well, it looked clear up ahead. We drove to the beach and it had stopped raining. Yay! We parked and got everything ready and as we were walking up the boardwalk to the beach, it started sprinkling again.

Back to the car. Well, I decided then that we would just go to the aquarium for a couple of hours and maybe it would be clear when we came out. The aquarium is about 7 miles down from the beach, so of course it had stopped raining, but it did start sprinkling again right when we went into the aquarium. I knew the storm was following us.

 photo 2013197_zpsa7ae0704.jpg

Going to the aquarium was the best spontaneous decision I made. The kids had a great time and we were able to see the diving show while we were there. They also loved seeing the sharks, fish, turtles, and otters.

 photo 2013177_zpsc9b6c5b5.jpg

When we came out of the aquarium two hours later, the sky was blue and the sun was shining! Back to our original plan. We drove back down to the beach. The kids were so happy. We got all of our stuff again and this time, we made it to the water. The ocean temperature is only around 65 degrees right now in North Carolina, but my boys did not care. The got soaked from head to toe. The girls played in the sand and collected seashells.

 photo 2013206_zps5e52a4bd.jpg

 photo 2013210_zps5d24b178.jpg
 photo 2013220_zpsbf1dba32.jpg

We ended up having a wonderful day with a minor detour thrown in. It is possible to take a spontaneous field trip, but just remember you may have to change things up a long the way.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that being spontaneous can result in fun memories! LOVE that aquarium!

  2. We're actually planning a field trip this Friday. Not so spontaneous, but it's just the kids and I and we haven't chosen a place yet. I so wish ours could include the beach, though!! What fun!

  3. What a fun field trip! We enjoy going to the aquarium (and the beach too!)




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