Doing Things Differently

This past school year, my youngest son had a problem. His work kept disappearing, only to be found a few days later crumpled up and undone. He thought he could get away with not doing his school work.

When this school year ended, I started brainstorming. What could I do differently? How can I keep him more accountable? I have come up with a few things to keep both of us accountable.

First of all, I am already getting all papers and notes ready for our 2013-2014 school year. I am going to plan 6 weeks at a time. I bought a report folder and have made up a weekly assignment checklist.

I will put each days work inside the folders ~ I did buy one for each of the three older kids. After the school day is done, I will check each folders work and put the next days work into the folder. I will check mark each days work on the assignment list also. I guess this is almost like doing work boxes, but I don't have the room for work boxes.

Another area that we need to work on is using our time wisely. My oldest son likes to daydream. I have been brainstorming some ideas to keep him on task. I think what he needs is to do one subject and take a 5 minute break. The move onto the next subject. It is difficult for him to sit for a long period of time. We use Abeka and there is a good amount of seatwork.

For my oldest daughter, she had some problems with handwriting. She wanted her papers to be perfect and as much as I have explained to her no one can be perfect, she still got upset when she made a mistake. Brainstorming some ideas for here were a little bit more difficult. I am going to have her trace on her  writing page what she needs to write. Some of the writing pages in Abeka, do not have the child trace before writing. I think tracing will help her keep her handwriting neat (the way she wants it to look).

Just a note ~ I also have looked at this past year and have seen where we have excelled. I have seen areas that have worked (and are working) for us that I won't change. Every year, I look back and think "I should have done that differently." Sometimes I don't do it and regret it. Sometimes I do change and it failed. I really hope these few little changes will help keep our school (and home) running more smoothly.

Enjoy this freebie of my Weekly Assignment Checklist.

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  1. I love the checklist idea Rebecca! We use one on a ringed notecard book, but I like the idea of one you can reuse over and over. No more I forgot excuses, huh! The glory of homeschooling is being able to find the weaknesses and improve them, and celebrate the successes!




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