Memoria Press – Prima Latina Review

My oldest son has gained an interest in wanting to learn Latin recently. I was excited when I found out I was able to review Prima Latina from Memoria Press. 

We received the complete set to review. This set includes the student book, teacher manual, pronunciation CD, instructional DVD’s, and flashcards. The complete set is $90.90 and geared for children in grades 2-4.

Prima Latina is an introduction to Latin. This curriculum includes 25 lessons and teaches grammar concepts. Vocabulary words, sayings, and prayers are also taught in the course.

Check out a sample lesson and table of contents of Prima Latina.

How we used Prima Latina:
My children, ages 11, 9, and 7, would watch the new lesson on Mondays. The next couple of days they would all work together in the student book. On Thursdays, I would help check over their work and they would listen to the pronunciation CD. On Friday, we reviewed using the flashcards.

What we thought of Prima Latina:
Since I have no knowledge of Latin, I loved the DVD’s. I felt that the teacher, Leigh Lowe, did a great job of teaching the lessons. I loved having the pronunciation CD for times when the kids needed to hear how something was pronounced. The student manual did a great job of guiding the kids and allowing them to write what they learned. It was also nice to have the teacher manual, just a copy of the student guide with the answers, to make sure the kids had the correct answer.

All three of my children really enjoyed watching the DVD’s and working together on the lessons. They have learned so much already and we will continue using this and finish it up so we can move on to the next level.

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  1. We have used Prima Latina as well for the past 2yrs. I started with my then 7yr old and then this year started her younger brother 6yrs with it as well. We opted to only purchase the Student book and pronunciation CD. I have no prior Latin language experience outside of concert choir in high school. We sung a lot of songs like Ava Verum Corpus.lol! We found a free resource for flash cards and practice online through reading an edition of TOS called FlashCard Machine. So that saved us some money there cause someone had already made cards for the Prima edition. We mostly did the lessons 2 times a week in the book and listen to the CD in the car during our outing day. That worked out fine. I am interest to see what the DVD looks like for next year when we move in to Latina Christiana. Thanks for sharing your review.




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