Summer Plans

I am so excited that we have made it through another year of school. I plan to take about an eight week break. During this time, we will relax, play, and have fun. 

Going to the park is one of the things the kids like doing the most. We also will visit the spraypark, the beach, and some other places during our break. 

We have a nature center in town with a variety of different animals that the kids like to visit also. There is also a science building and playground. 

Our church will have some fun activities this summer for the children. They are doing a Bible club on Tuesday for the month of June, VBS in July, and a trip to a museum in August. They also have Wednesday evening classes for the kids. 

It will be a busy, but fun summer!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you have a fun summer planned! I love the things you have planned. What a blessing. We are looking forward to VBS at our church too. Thanks for sharing your plans!

    Mary Joy




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