Book Review ~ Finding God in the Hunger Games

finding god in the hunger games

I read The Hunger Games trilogy about a year ago. When I saw this devotional available, I knew I wanted a chance to read through it. Finding God in the Hunger Games, written by Selena Sarns, is a 30 day devotional. This devotional takes you through each day with a different concept from the Hunger Games books. The author draws a parallel between the author of The Hunger Games and the Bible. Each devotional is only two to three pages long, which makes it very easy to read in a short time.

One of the devotionals in the book tells about how Katniss took her sister's place in the games, and tells us how God can do so much more for us. He sent His son to take our place, so we can live in heaven with Him forever.

The author uses several versions of the Bible throughout the devotional. Also at the end of the devotional, we are left with a "final thought," a short quote that sums up the devotion.

I really enjoyed reading through this devotional. It helped me in my daily walk with Jesus. I especially liked that these were not long devotions and I could read through one in about 5 minutes. I would recommend this devotional for teens and adults. Although, I think my 11 year old would also enjoy reading through this devotional, since he recently read through The Hunger Games trilogy.

I received this book through bookcrash.com in exchange for an honest review.

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