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Having not been familiar with God's World News, I was excited to be able to review the News Current edition which is geared for students in 5th and 6th grades. Both of my boys love getting mail. They both love reading. This was a great review for them. And they were excited when the first issue came in the mail.

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Our television broke earlier this summer and we have not had the resources to replace it. We do run a Christian radio station at all times (mainly for music) and my boys are hearing some news (during the news breaks every hour) from the radio. My oldest son, who is in 6th grade, will mention something that he heard about some of the current events. Sometimes he understands what it means and sometimes I have to explain what the newscaster meant. I try to not give him too much information unless he keeps asking. Sometimes, we sit down at the computer to look something up that he has heard in the news and learn about it. I have to be careful what websites to go to when I do that.

God's World News magazines are geared to children from pre-k all the way through the high school years. Each magazine has articles that are age appropriate. As a parent, it is great that I can hand my child a news magazine and not have to worry about any vulgar message being delivered by the magazine.

The edition we received, News Current, "emphasizes news, knowledge, and wisdom." Each magazine contains the following:

  • Editorials
  • Lessons
  • Map-It
  • News Graphics
  • Weeding Words
  • Quizzes
  • Web Content

When the first issue arrived, I did read through the magazine before handing to my son(s). Since, I had never seen an issue, I wanted to be able to read it through and see what the magazine was like. I also wanted to read it to be able to answer any questions that my sons may have after reading it themselves. The articles are well written and my boys did not have any trouble understanding them.

We also received a large wall map with our subscription. This map was created especially for the magazine. In the articles in the magazine, when a location is mentioned, it gives you the coordinates that matches the map so your child is able to find the location on the map.

After I read through the magazine, I had each of my boys, 5th and 6th grade, read through the magazine. We then were able to discuss a few of the articles during our regular history time. We have received three magazines (and the map) so far and they have enjoyed reading (and discussing) each one. They look forward to receiving the next magazine in the mail next month. They have said their favorite thing in the magazine is the cartoons. :) I liked the articles that had a little clip called Bible 2 Life next to the article. It gives a Bible verse and a little story about how we should react to different scenarios in our life.

When you subscribe, there are some extra resources available:

A subscription to the magazine is available for $28 per year on the God's News World website. You will receive 10 magazines, one every month except May and December.

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  1. We love our News Current as well! Great review! Visiting from the Crew!




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