Zondervan Homeschool Mom’s Bible ~ Review

I am always on the lookout for great KJV homeschool mom’s devotionals. I was so excited when I learned that  Zondervan was going to be coming out with a KJV Homeschool Mom’s Bible.  It was actually being released near my birthday. I was so happy when I was picked to review this Bible (I was going to get it as a birthday present anyway).

This Bible is a beautiful hardcover Bible with a protective jacket.  Included is the whole Bible, page long devotionals sprinkled throughout, and a topical index at the back.  The forward is written by Vickie Farris, wife of HSLDA founder Dr. Michael Farris. The short 365 devotionals were written by Janet Tatman (Alpha Omega Publications Daily Focus writer) who has homeschooled four children for 25 years. 

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Each devotional is only one page long. It starts with a Bible verse and ends with a short prayer. These are just the right length for a busy homeschool mom.

Here is a short sample from my birthday, September 8:

Title: Holding Grudges

Verse: “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matthew 6:14

Prayer at end of devotion: Lord, I know I should forgive the wrong done to me, but something within me wants to hold on to this pain. I realize that keeping this hurt will only make this situation worse. Help me follow your example and release this pain by forgiving. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I used this Bible during my morning devotion time. It is sometimes difficult for me to find time to read the Bible and have a devotion. I really liked that the devotions are interspersed throughout the Bible which made it easy to get it all in before the kids got up. I also liked that they were written with the homeschool mom in mind who may feel like she wants to give up. These devotionals are encouraging and uplifting. If you are wanting to read about a particular subject, like failure or marriage, you can just look up the corresponding devotional(s) in the topical index.

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Another thing I liked, was that at the end of the devotional, it told you what page the next devotional was on. I used some bookmarks that I made to keep up with each devotional page. After reading the devotional, I would place my bookmark at the next devotional so I could find it easily in the morning.

Here are the bookmarks that I made for my Bible. Each one has a flower and a Bible verse on it. I printed them out and laminated them to make them last long.

I would definitely recommend the Homeschool Mom’s Bible to any homeschool mom. It is available for $34.99. It is also available in the NIV also.

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