Our dog, Liberty, who will be 9 years old on January 7, decided it was time to run away and have some puppies. She got out in September and was missing for 3 or 4 days. We thought for sure she was gone for good. We live on a busy highway, but didn't see her anywhere where she could have been run over. We live next to some woods and thought maybe she went back there and a wild animal attacked her. Much to our surprise she returned on a rainy day and stunk very badly. I bathed her and got her cleaned up. 

A couple of weeks later, we noticed she was starting to get a little bigger. That's when we figured out where she must have been those 4 days in September. 

So, at almost 9 years old, Liberty had her first litter of puppies. They were born on November 18, 2013. She had one black boy, one brown and black girl, two black girls, and one golden girl. She also had a black and white boy who was stillborn.

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