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Do you have a child that struggles with math? Maybe you have a child that excels at math and wants to do more everyday. Because my daughter struggles with math, I have been looking for something easy for her to understand and use. We were given the 12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math to review.

What is CTC Math?
CTC Math is an online math program. It is an Australian company. It includes math from kindergarten through sixth grade which can be used as a complete curriculum. Also included for junior high and high school levels:
  • Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
Each lesson includes a short video introducing the math concept. After watching the video, there are questions that need to be completed by the student. Because it is online and interactive, the student is able to see if they got the answer correct right away. If wrong, the student is able to go back through the lesson and try for a better grade.

CTC Math is geared for children ages kindergarten through 12th grade (and adults too). The cost for the 12 month family plan (at the time of this post) is $118.80 (which is a 60% savings) for two or more students. There are also other membership plans available.

How we used CTC Math:
When we first received the product, I set up a log in for myself and my three children. *Side note: My oldest son didn’t use the product since he is trying to finish another math curriculum before the end of the year and didn’t want to get off track.*

My younger son and daughter used this math program almost daily. I used this program a few times to get a feel for it.

When we first logged in we were given this screen:

We chose what course we wanted, what stream, and what topic. After we chose all that the first time and logged out, the next time we logged in, it went straight to what topic we were working on at the time.

My daughter stuck to doing one lesson at a time under one topic at a time. I started her off with 3rd grade division since that is where she struggles the most.


When she finished the division, she ended up with a 99% average which is a gold certificate. She could have gone back to the division by 10 lesson to redo it and may have ended up with a 100% average which is platinum. She didn’t want to and was just thrilled to have ended up with a gold.


My son has been working on 6th grade math since January and he likes to do things in order, so he began with the first topic and the first lesson under that topic.


He is also one that won’t settle for a low grade. Below you can see that he went back to lesson 5 and redid it and received a better grade.


He is aiming for a platinum certificate.

I decided to use this program to brush up on my algebra skills. I logged in and began working on Algebra I. The first few lessons I didn’t do too well, but after I realized I can use pencil and paper to work out the problems, I started getting a better grade.

Our opinion:
My daughter gives this math program five stars. She use to complain and cry whenever it was math time. Now whenever I ask if she is ready to do her math, she starts yelling “YES!” with a smile on her face.

My son loves going in and working on the lessons to try to get the best grade possible. He loves a challenge and loves using the computer. He also gives this math program five stars.

Some things I really like about this math program:

1. The videos for each lesson are short ~ 5-10 minutes.


2. The children are able to get started without my help. They know their username and password. Since the program remembers where you left off, they can click on the next lesson and get started.

3. The parent receives a weekly email with information about what each student completed during the week.

4. I liked that we could choose any topic to start with within the grade level, especially with my daughter.

There is also a speed skills game, but we did not use it very much. I played it once to see what it was like and my son played it once.

Speed skills

Cons: *These are not really cons for me, but may be for someone else*

1.Since it is based in Australia some of the words are spelled differently (colour instead of color).

2.They use metric measurements.

Overall: this is a great math program. My children have really enjoyed using this program.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review! My son liked it for the same reason as your children!




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