Easy Chocolate Eclair Cake

Easy Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipe

2 packages French Vanilla pudding
3 cups milk
9 oz. Cool Whip

Beat pudding with milk on low for 1 min. Scrape. Beat on speed 2 for 4 minutes. Fold in Cool Whip. Line pan with Graham Crackers. Cover Graham Crackers with 1/2 of pudding mix. Add another layer of Graham Crackers. Add rest of pudding mix. Top with one more layer of graham crackers. Ice cake and chill for 3-4 hours before serving.

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
6 TBSP Cocoa
2 TBSP Oil
2 TBSP Corn Syrup
3 TBSP Milk

Mix powdered sugar and cocoa together. Add other ingredients. Mix until smooth. Quickly pour icing over entire surface of cake. Spread. ICE IMMEDIATELY. (Icing goes stiff very quickly)


Apologia Educational Ministries ~ Review

Having recently reviewed my first science curriculum from Apologia Educational Ministries, I was excited to be chosen to review their Biblical worldview book from the What We Believe series, What On Earth Can I Do?

What on Earth Can I Do? is the fourth book in the What We Believe series. This is a beautiful hardcover book that is geared for children in grades 1-6 or age 6-14. What on Earth Can I Do? is available for $39.00. We also received the What on Earth Can I Do? Notebooking Journal ($24.00), What on Earth Can I Do? Junior Notebooking Journal ($24.00), and the What on Earth Can I Do? Coloring Book ($8.00).

Apologia Review

What on Earth Can I Do? has eight lessons in it. Each lesson takes about three weeks to complete. This book is geared to helping children focus on being a good and faithful steward of God's creation. The eight lessons are as follows:

  • Your Story or God's Story
  • Who Put You in Charge?
  • Will You be Found Faithful?
  • Where is Your Treasure?
  • Where Does Your Time Go?
  • Whose Life is it Anyway?
  • Why Isn't It Easy being Green?
  • What Will Happen When The Master Returns?.

Each lesson is set up the same way with the following components:
  • The Big Idea (Introduction)
  • What You Will Do (Learning Objectives)
  • Short Story
  • Think About It (Comprehension Questions)
  • Words You Need To Know (Vocabulary Words)
  • Hide It In Your Heart (Bible Memorization)
  • Integrated Learning (articles designed to help your child learn more about different subjects such as math, art, history, etc)
  • What Should I Do (Applying the lesson)
  • Prayer
  • Parables of Jesus
  • Going Deeper (Discussion Questions)
  • House of Truth

    Apologia Review
    Apologia Review

    The notebooking (geared for older elementary) and junior notebooking journals (geared for lower elementary) each have their own activities. Some different things for the child to do are crafts, copywork, mini book making, games and word puzzles, and a page for prayer, praise, and note taking. The junior notebooking journal also includes coloring pages.

    Apologia Review

    The coloring book is just a nice book filled with many different coloring pages. Perfect for little ones that want to do what big sister/ brother are doing.

    I used this book with my 3rd grade daughter, 5th grade son, and 6th grade son. My daughter used the junior notebooking journal and my boys shared the regular notebooking journal. My 3 year old daughter used the coloring book. There is a schedule in the front of the book that we followed. We used this book twice a week as suggested. On each day we used this book, I would read out loud to the children from the book. My boys either shared the journal (did the activity together) or one boy used it one day and the next day the other one did the activity. My daughter worked by herself on the junior notebooking journal. Some of the passages were rather long, but they did okay with listening. They enjoyed looking at the pictures while I was reading.

    If we continue with this book in the fall, I think I will spread out some of the reading. We would probably work on this curriculum three times a week compared to the suggested two times. It would be easy to do and the kids did look forward to the lessons. The boys favorite part of each lesson was listening to the short stories. They enjoyed hearing about WWII. My daughter said her favorite part of each lesson was working on her journal.

    Overall, we have enjoyed using this book and may continue on with it in the fall. I would really like to use some of the other books in the series also.

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    D is for my favorite flower, daffodil! Daffodils bloom around here during the first part of March. It is a sure sign spring is on the way.After the winter we had this past year, the daffodils were a welcome sign. We have a small patch of daffodils that were planted by the owners before us and I love the different varieties that bloom each year. My girls are also starting to love daffodils. They like to pick them and pose for me to take their picture.

     photo 5d6e35d5-4116-4bfe-b57d-d27a8f2934eb_zpse0de5c84.jpg


    Golden Prairie Press ~ Review

    Golden Prairie Press Review I graduated from college with a degree in history. I love learning about history. My favorite history to learn about is American History, particularly the Civil War Time Period. My kids haven't really been too interested in history and I have been looking for a more involved, hands on type of history curriculum for them. When I found out we were going to be reviewing Digital Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum published by Golden Prairie Press, I was excited.

    Golden Prairie Press Review
    We received the ebook version, which is a PDF download, of Heroes and Heroines of the Past. There are two parts to this book. The first ebook contains 15 lessons for the first half of the year and covers early discovery (1000) to 1837. The second ebook contains 15 lessons for the second half of the school year and covers 1837 to present day.

    Also included with the curriculum:
    Additional Materials Downloads which contains printable timelines, artwork, videos, coloring pages, etc.

    Historical Skits is an ebook with 19 skits

    Sing Some History is an mp3 download that has historical songs on it for the children to listen to

    Listen to some U.S. History is an mp3 audio collection of speeches, poems, sermons, etc.

    There is also an optional coloring book that is not part of the package: Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Coloring Book.

    Digital Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum is geared for children in grades 1-6, although you can use this for older children also. This is available as a digital download for $98.99. You get everything I mentioned above. It is also available in a printed black and white version for the same price. The digital download is in color. There are also optional literature books that can be used with 5th and 6th graders.

    This curriculum is divided into 30 sections with 5 lessons for each section. You can take a peek at the outline to see how it is laid out.

    Each lesson is divided into two sections. The first section is designed to be read to/by 1st and 2nd graders. It is shorter in length, The second section is designed to be read to/by 3rd through 6th graders. It is goes into more detail.

    Golden Prairie Press Review

    Since I have a 3rd, 5th, and 6th grader, we read the section of the book that is designed for the upper grades. Each lesson can take as little or as much time as you want to take. It took us anywhere from 20-50 minutes each day to complete a lesson.

    I decided to start at the beginning of the first book. I read the book aloud as my children listened. There are questions at the end of the lesson that I was able to ask my children to make sure they were really listening.

    After I read through the lesson, there were writing topics, hands on activities, geography, timeline, etc. There is also a memory verse listed that the children memorize and recite during the last lesson of the week.

    During the course of our review, we listened to a few of the historical songs, cooked up some delicious food, made some things, and discussed various pictures of art.

    Some of my favorite activities were the cooking activities. I also enjoyed helping my children make things.

    I think this is a great elementary American History course. My oldest who is finishing up 6th grade thought some of the activities were too simple. I can understand that they need to be simple for the younger grades, but he would have enjoyed more complex activities.  My 5th grader liked all of the activities and especially enjoyed the cooking and eating activities. My 3rd grade daughter enjoyed all of it. This was a good fit for her age/grade.

    This course is really interesting and my children loved listening to the stories each day. They loved being able to listen to the music from the time period. They enjoyed learning about the different men and women and looked forward to history each day. They weren't very interested in doing any of the skits though. I liked that there was a Bible verse each week for the children to memorize.

    Overall, we enjoyed going through this history curriculum. I liked the way it is laid out and I like the hands on activities for the kids.

    Make sure to check out what the other Crew members though about Heroes and Heroines of the Past.

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    C is for Children. I have four wonderful children.

    On the replica of the Pinta
    My oldest is twelve years old and will be going into seventh grade this coming school year. He is a smart boy and loves science. I began homeschooling him at age four. He loves to help others and has been a great help to me with his siblings. He has a servants heart and would like to eventually become a Creation Evangelist to tell others about this wonderful world God has given to us.

    My second son is ten and a half years old and will be going into sixth grade. He also is a bright student, but likes to get things done quickly. Since he and his brother are only 17 months apart, they do a lot of the same things. They get along together most days. He likes to read. He also loves to play Minecraft.

    My oldest daughter is eight and a half years old and will be going into fourth grade. She is shy and quiet. She likes having a little sister. When she found out I was pregnant, she prayed for a blond haired sister and that is exactly what she received. Her favorite subject in school is grammar. Her least favorite is math. She said she would like to be a nurse when she gets older.

    My baby is not much of a baby anymore. She turned three years old in March and now tells me that she will be four in just a minute. If she only knew how true that statement is. She loves to play with all of her siblings. She loves horses and rode one for the first time this past fall at the state fair. She loves to make up songs and loves to act and tell stories.

    I thank God for giving me four wonderful children on earth while He is taking care of one for me in Heaven until I get there.


    Classroom Friendly Supplies ~ Sharpener Review

    At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to review a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies. I've been quite busy since receiving it and I wanted to test it for a few months before really reviewing it. I didn't want to just use it one or two times. I wanted to put it to the test.

    In the eight years that I have been homeschooling, I have lost count at how many pencil sharpeners we have gone through. We use a pencil sharpener at least once a day and many days multiple times. I have been looking for a sharpener that was easy to use and really sharpened our pencils.

    About Classroom Friendly Supplies:
    The owner is an elementary school teacher who was looking for  a quiet, efficient sharpener.

    These sharpeners come in a variety of different colors. They are heavy duty, quiet, and sharpen every time.

    I received a bright blue sharpener to review. I didn't watch the video on how to sharpen a pencil, so it took me a while to figure it out. It was actually my ten year old son who figured out how to use the sharpener. My advice: watch the video before using the sharpener. :)

    I love how well built this sharpener is. I love how easy it is to use. I also love how easy it is to take apart if some lead gets stuck. This happened a couple of times and the handle just twists off and you can fix the problem easily. I like that the shaving receptacle is see through, so you can see when to empty it.

    We are really enjoying this pencil sharpener and I can already tell that it may last me through the rest of my homeschool years. My youngest is only three, so we ahve many more years. We definitely give this sharpener 5 stars!

    The sharpener is available from their website for a low price of $24.99. This is a great product for any homeschool family or school classroom. It would make a great teacher appreciation gift.

    **I was not compensated for this post, I did receive a sample product for the purposes of review. This did not influence my review or my opinions. My views are 100% my own.**



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    As I continue in my Blogging through the Alphabet series with Marcy, I had no trouble coming up with a post for letter B.

    I love books! I have many books of all different genres. My favorite books to read are Christian fiction novels. I remember going to the library as a child and picking out some great books. I was always excited to join in the summer reading program at the library just so I could pick out a brand new book at the end (the prize back then). I still do love going to the library and looking through all of the books. I love to help my kids pick out some books.

    I've tried to instill my love of reading into my children. They do love books, but my boys would rather read non-fiction than fiction. That is fine, because they are still reading and they are learning something while reading. My oldest daughter likes to read fiction books. She picks out a couple of books at the library and sometimes finishes them fast, but sometimes she doesn't. My youngest daughter loves to sit down and flip through a book and look at the pictures. Sometimes I ask her to "read" me the story and she does a good job just by looking at the pictures.

    Since I love to read in bed (some days it's my only free time), I got myself a Kindle Paperwhite for my Mother's Day gift this year. :) I love it already. I have a Kindle app on my iPod, but the words were so tiny, I couldn't read any books. I love the Paperwhite. It is easy to read and it is not heavy so I can lay down in bed and read.  The back-light is perfect for reading when the lights are off.

     Some of my favorite Christian authors are Karen Kingsbury, Janette Oke, and Francine Rivers. I have also read several Nicholas Sparks books and The Hunger Games trilogy along with many other fiction books. I'm trying to get into the Divergent series right now.

    My boys favorite non-fiction books are any book that has to do with science. They love science and animals. My oldest daughter loves reading stories about horses and other animals.

    I really hope that they will always have a love for learning and a love for books.



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