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As I continue in my Blogging through the Alphabet series with Marcy, I had no trouble coming up with a post for letter B.

I love books! I have many books of all different genres. My favorite books to read are Christian fiction novels. I remember going to the library as a child and picking out some great books. I was always excited to join in the summer reading program at the library just so I could pick out a brand new book at the end (the prize back then). I still do love going to the library and looking through all of the books. I love to help my kids pick out some books.

I've tried to instill my love of reading into my children. They do love books, but my boys would rather read non-fiction than fiction. That is fine, because they are still reading and they are learning something while reading. My oldest daughter likes to read fiction books. She picks out a couple of books at the library and sometimes finishes them fast, but sometimes she doesn't. My youngest daughter loves to sit down and flip through a book and look at the pictures. Sometimes I ask her to "read" me the story and she does a good job just by looking at the pictures.

Since I love to read in bed (some days it's my only free time), I got myself a Kindle Paperwhite for my Mother's Day gift this year. :) I love it already. I have a Kindle app on my iPod, but the words were so tiny, I couldn't read any books. I love the Paperwhite. It is easy to read and it is not heavy so I can lay down in bed and read.  The back-light is perfect for reading when the lights are off.

 Some of my favorite Christian authors are Karen Kingsbury, Janette Oke, and Francine Rivers. I have also read several Nicholas Sparks books and The Hunger Games trilogy along with many other fiction books. I'm trying to get into the Divergent series right now.

My boys favorite non-fiction books are any book that has to do with science. They love science and animals. My oldest daughter loves reading stories about horses and other animals.

I really hope that they will always have a love for learning and a love for books.


  1. We love books here too! Way too much. Which is why my B was for BIG Book Boot! ;)

  2. Books is a great B word. I love my Kindle. I have gotten so many free books for it.




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