C is for Children. I have four wonderful children.

On the replica of the Pinta
My oldest is twelve years old and will be going into seventh grade this coming school year. He is a smart boy and loves science. I began homeschooling him at age four. He loves to help others and has been a great help to me with his siblings. He has a servants heart and would like to eventually become a Creation Evangelist to tell others about this wonderful world God has given to us.

My second son is ten and a half years old and will be going into sixth grade. He also is a bright student, but likes to get things done quickly. Since he and his brother are only 17 months apart, they do a lot of the same things. They get along together most days. He likes to read. He also loves to play Minecraft.

My oldest daughter is eight and a half years old and will be going into fourth grade. She is shy and quiet. She likes having a little sister. When she found out I was pregnant, she prayed for a blond haired sister and that is exactly what she received. Her favorite subject in school is grammar. Her least favorite is math. She said she would like to be a nurse when she gets older.

My baby is not much of a baby anymore. She turned three years old in March and now tells me that she will be four in just a minute. If she only knew how true that statement is. She loves to play with all of her siblings. She loves horses and rode one for the first time this past fall at the state fair. She loves to make up songs and loves to act and tell stories.

I thank God for giving me four wonderful children on earth while He is taking care of one for me in Heaven until I get there.

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  1. Love your blog & theme for Blogging Through the Alphabet!
    I have 4 kids also, our oldest girl is 24, my only boy is 16 and our middle girl is 14, and our baby is 12.
    Feel free to visit our blog :-) God bless
    Oh I am a new follower now!




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