Blueberry Picking

Our family loves blueberries. We have been going to the same farm since I moved to North Carolina 16 years ago. We normally pick around 30- 40 pounds each June in order to have enough to last us all year. Yesterday was our first picking day of the season and we picked 16 pounds in about an hour. It was just me and the kids. My two boys really did most of the work and did a good job. Since this was the end of the "early crop," it was a little difficult to get some good berries. The "late crop" will be ready in the next week or two. We will head back around the first week in July to get more blueberries.

Here is one of my favorite blueberry muffin recipes.

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  1. What a great tradition, and great the farm has been around so long!! We just went strawberry picking not to long ago, will be in an upcoming FTF post! Thanks for linking up!




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