Going, Going, Going, Gone

It has been a week and not a very good one either. My computer has been giving me a little trouble over the past few weeks. I would get the blue screen of death at least once a week.

You know trouble is about to happen when you get  this screen. I bought my laptop used from eBay when our desk computer quit around Christmas time.

On Tuesday (of this week), I was writing a review that was due on Thursday. I was using Windows Live Writer and was just about to finish it up and hit publish when the laptop froze and completely turned off. No blue screen, nothing. Just crashed. I tried to turn it back on, but it would not. It just kept cycling through the start up screen. 

All day Wednesday, I tried to figure out what was wrong. I did a diagnostic test and the hard drive failed. My review was on that hard drive! I had to order a new hard drive and figure out how to re-write my review. I had put so much into the original review, but couldn't remember everything. I managed to write it by hand and type it up using my kids Kindle Fire on Thursday morning before it was due. 

I had just saved a bunch of my files to a flash drive, so I didn't lose much. I am hoping to have a better week next week and get my laptop up and running again. 


  1. Oh NO!!! That's a blogger's nightmare! I hope you have a new -- and healthy -- computer soon!

  2. blogger's nightmare, indeed!! Hope you get a new computer soon!!

  3. Oh Rebecca, I am so sorry! Hope you get it fixed soon!




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