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Kinder Cottage ReviewKinder Cottage Publishing has given us two books to review. We reviewed Peter Rabbit at the Farm and Peter Rabbit's Birthday.

Kinder Cottage Publishing was started in 2012 by Howard Closs and his wife Ann. Their main goal is to offer products that will help parents in the education of their young children.

The Peter Rabbit books were originally written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus company over 90 years ago. Kinder Cottage publishing has adapted these books with modernized text.

The books are ideal for ages 3-9 and sell on the Kinder Cottage website for $4.00 a piece or $30 for the set of 10 books. The books are hardcover and are 5X7 inches. They are both 64 pages long and have writing on one side and a colorful picture on the opposite page.

Kinder Cottage Review
In Peter Rabbit at the Farm, Peter sneaks out of the house and goes on a mischievous adventure. He meets up with various animals around Mr. McGregor's Farm. He helps clear out mud from a dam so the pond could fill back up with water. He also made friends with the farmer's watchdog. He also met the horse, watched the lambs, and went to watch the cow being milked. He got too close and the farmhand kicked him, but Peter Rabbit jumped away- right into the milk bucket. He got lost on the way home, but Jim Crow gave him a ride home. When he got home and told his mother and siblings his adventure, they were frightened. His mother told him not to run away again as she tucked him into bed, but he was already fast asleep.

Kinder Cottage Review
In Peter Rabbit's Birthday, Peter begins his day by being a little mischievous, but quickly remembers to be a good little rabbit. His mother tells him he can invite some friends over for a birthday party at 2:00. He goes off and starts inviting everyone he runs into. He also runs into a man with a hand organ and his monkey. Peter gives them some money and dances with them, but quickly loses track of time. Meanwhile, his mother and siblings are worried about him because it is almost 2:00. Peter starts crying and a boy on his bike finds him and offers him a ride home. Peter makes it home in time for his birthday party and wishes every day could be his birthday.

I read these books to my 3 year old daughter and 8 year old daughter. My 3 year old loved listening to the stories and after I finished reading wanted to look at the pictures again. My 8 year old enjoyed hearing the stories.

I enjoyed reading these stories to my girls. I never was much of a Peter Rabbit fan when I was younger, so I enjoyed hearing about all the mischievous things Peter got into in each story. These books are really a great deal for what you receive. They are the perfect size for little hands and they are hardcover. It's difficult these days to get a nice hardcover book for a little price. I know my 3 year old would love to have the rest of the books in the series. I do plan on buying the rest of the books for her for Christmas.

Right now, Kinder Cottage is offering a 20% discount when you use the code TOS at checkout.

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