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Hewitt Homeschooling Review My First Report

I had never used any of Hewitt Homeschooling products before. When I saw that there was a possibility of reviewing  one of the My First Report, I was happy to try it out.

I received My First Report: Southern United States to review. The packet is $8.95 and is suitable for grades 3-4, while those in 1st and 2nd can use this with parental direction. Those in grades 5-8 are also able to use these as remedial work.

What is My First Report:

The packet comes with each page already hole punched. This made it easy to add it to a pronged folder.

Also included are a cover sheet, an introductory sheet, the question sheets, activity suggestions for each subject, and other resources such as an outline map of each state and ruled pages to write the reports. The ruled pages come in 3 different line widths (5/8”, 1/2”, and3/8”). There is also a space at the top to add a picture or drawing.

The states included in this study are:
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Using one report a week will last a whole quarter.


How We Used My First Report:

Since we live in North Carolina, I had my 4th grade daughter start with our state. To find the answers to the questions on the report, we visited the library and picked out a couple books on North Carolina. On the back of each state page are facts about the state that help guide the child in writing the report. On the bottom of each state page are several vocabulary words. These can be used as spelling words each week.

My daughter read through parts of the books or if the book was short she would read through the whole book. After reading through the books, she would look at the questions, find the answers, and write the answer.
After she finished the questions, I would have her start on the report. At first she needed a little help writing complete sentences, but after the first couple of reports, she started to get the hang of it. She loved being able to draw a picture from the state she was writing about.

For the review, she chose to do a few of the unit study activities. She wanted to listen to some of the songs that were listed. I looked some of them up on YouTube for her. I listened first to make sure it was the correct song.
She also chose to some of the art activities that were listed. She loves to draw, paint, and color.

I also had her do a couple of the history activities. I would have her look up some of the famous people that lived in the states she was studying.

What we thought:

To be honest, when I first received the package, I had no clue how to even use it. After reading through the instructional sheet a couple times, it finally clicked. I was to have her research the state (either with books from the library or through the internet) and have her answer the questions. She was then to turn those answers into a report of the state.

When I realized what she was supposed to do, I liked the program much better. I really liked how it had the child research the state, answer the questions, and write the report. I also liked that there were other activities listed that she could do to make it more interesting.

At first my daughter thought these would be boring, but after the first one, she said she really liked doing them. It was fun to read about the state and get to know more about it.

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