Happy Kids Songs ~ Review

Happy Kids Songs

My little girl, who is three years old, loves to dance around and sing songs. She can learn songs quickly. She had the VBS songs from this summer memorized in just a couple of days. I was recently given the chance to review Happy Kids Songs. We reviewed Volume 1, Volume 6, and Volume 7.

What is Happy Kids Songs?

Happy Kids Songs entertain children while, at the same time, teaching them character traits and social skills. Dr. Mac, who is a child psychologist, has produced eight albums of Happy Kids Songs.

~ Friends and Sharing (Vol.1): This volume contains songs that help teach children about friendship. The songs on this album are as follows: Sailing on the Seven C’s, Everybody Wants to Find a Friend, Sharing Friends, Happy as Happy Can Be, and Together.

~ Manners & Character (Vol. 6): This volume contains songs that teach children about manners and being honest. The songs on this album are as follows: H-o-n-e-s-t-y, The Magic Word, Quirks, The Golden Rule, and Six Little Kids.

~ Happiness & Attitude (Vol. 7): This volume contains songs that are about happiness and giving compliments. The songs on this album are as follows: Shake It Out and Dance, Who Knows What’s A Kudo?, I Don’t Understand, Be Good to Yourself, and Better Together.

Each volume contains five songs and is available for $4.95 or they can be bought separately for $0.99. These songs are appropriate for children ages 3  - 8. You can listen to sample songs on the website.

We also received the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-On Activities to Build Character, Social, and Emotional Skills to review. The workbook is available for $12.56. The workbook contains 122 pages of fun activities and words to the songs.

How we used Happy Kids Songs and What we thought:

I downloaded the songs to my computer and just played them from the computer. I played each album once a week. So we listened to the songs three times a week.

My three year old loved listening and dancing to the songs. My eight, almost nine, year old thought some of the songs were too babyish for her. For most of the review, it was my three year old. She really loved the songs. She has most of them memorized already and asks to listen to them. Some of the activities in the book were a little too difficult for her, such as filling in the missing letters, so we did the activities that were on her level (coloring). I discussed the songs with her to make sure she understood what the song was teaching.

I enjoyed listening to the songs with her. I liked that the songs had catchy tunes, but I also liked that they taught the child a character trait. I caught myself humming the songs throughout the day. I would recommend these for younger children.

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