No Rules

Recently, in a group I admin on Facebook, there have been several complaints of the rules. The rules of the group are not very strict, but several ladies are wondering why we even have rules in the first place.

Being a Christian and being a Christian group, my first thought is "Why should we not have rules?" The Bible is our rule book and we should live by it. God gave us rules that we are to follow. We should live our lives following His rules and one of those is to obey those in authority over us.

Now, yes, I am their same age or older than some of the women, but seeing how I am the admin, it should be clear that if there are rules in the group, others should follow them without complaining.

We did compromise and have rewritten the old rules to be more clear and a little less strict. Everyone seems happy now and that is an accomplishment for 4,000 women.

Everywhere we go in life, there are going to be rules, whether we like them or not. The simple thing to remember is to follow those rules, because it will keep you (and me) out of trouble.

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