Quiet Time

This picture was actually taken at sunset, but I liked the verse. For me it is difficult to find time to have my own quiet time. I try to get up earlier than the kids, but that doesn't always work out great. I don't live where this picture was taken. I live 45 minutes from there. It would be a lot easier to have my quiet time if I lived at the beach.

In trying to find ways to have quiet time while still homeschooling and doing all the other jobs that a stay at home mom does, I have found that I need to make an effort to get up before the kids. I am not a morning person, but I want to change that. I also have a difficult time in the evenings to have my quiet time because I am so exhausted.

The point of this post- just to motivate myself to get up and have quiet time before all the activities of the day begin. Maybe I also encouraged you to do the same.

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