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My children are not big fans of grammar. They find it boring and time consuming some days. I confess, I also dislike grammar. Marking words in a sentence, diagramming, and writing research papers. What is the purpose? I haven’t been able to find a grammar program that was fun (if there is such a thing), so we have stuck with the same curriculum for the past eight years.

I was given the opportunity to review Fix It! Grammar from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). We were given Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Book 1) student book and teacher’s manual for the review.

Fix It! Grammar is a series of six books that teaches children to apply grammar rules to a writing. Each book is a story where the student works on a sentence a day. At the end of each week, after correcting each sentence, the student correctly writes the sentences into a paragraph. The teaching takes about 15 minutes per day. The two main parts of teaching are learn it and fix it. In the learn it section, the student is taught the parts of speech along with end marks, homophones, and writing symbols (paragraph indent symbol). There are grammar cards included in the student book that help teach what each part of grammar or writing symbol means. You can check out a sample of the teacher’s manual and a sample of the student book on the IEW website. Each book is designed to last a full year.

Each Fix It! Grammar book is recommended for grades 3 and up. The student book cost $15.00 and the teacher manual cost $19.00.

How we used the books:

I started book one with my 7th, 6th, and 4th graders.  I started out each new week by giving them the page of the week we were working on. I explained, especially for my 4th grader, the parts of speech, the end marks, and whatever else they needed to know for the day (nouns, homophones, articles). After I taught the lesson, we worked on the sentence together. I would ask them to read the sentence and tell me what end mark belonged. After they told me, we would look for the parts of speech. Some days, they had to decide which homophone (their, there, they’re) was being used in the sentence. Lastly, there are some bolded words in each sentence. I would ask my children if they knew the definition of the bolded words. If they did not, I would tell them the definition from the book. On day five, they would rewrite the four sentences from the week onto a sheet of notebook paper, putting in the correct homophone and end marks. They also needed to know when to indent and start a new paragraph.

I like they way Fix It! Grammar is laid out. I also liked that each week builds off the previous week by introducing one new part of speech. My children enjoyed using this grammar. My older boys, who do not like grammar very much, really enjoyed this grammar book. They said it helped them to learn the parts of speech better by only doing one a week. My daughter said it was fun because she liked reading the story every week.

I would definitely recommend Fix It! Grammar.

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