My Student Logbook ~ Review

My Student Logbook Review

My Student Logbook is a company owned by a homeschooling family. My daughter, Charlotte, and I recently had the opportunity to review the dated Sea Life Logbook.  There are several other choices listed on their website.

About My Student Logbook:

The company was started by a homeschooling family who were expecting their seventh child. Mom saw an idea on a blog on how to make your own planner by drawing lines, adding dates, and keeping the checklist sticking out of the book to a spiral bound notebook. After becoming frustrated by messy lines and missing dates, Dad showed Mom how to format what she wanted on the computer. Instead of having the checklist stick out of the book, they decided to have a fold over checklist that lined up with the dates. After mom had it spiral bound, she put it into use. She found that it works great and wanted it to be available to others.

What does My Student Logbook contain?

The beginning pages of the book describe how to easily set up the logbook. It is ready to use in four easy steps. There are three pages that tell you how to create a high school transcript. And finally, there are six pages of checklist pages. You can see in the picture below (top row) these pages that I just listed.

My Student Logbook beginning pages

The middle section of the logbook has, in our case, every week dated from July 28, 2014 to July 26, 2015. You can see in the picture above in the bottom row how the dates and checklist line up.

The back of the logbook has several extra pages for prayers and goals, Bible verses memorized, books read, events, projects, field trips, presentations, and activities, test records, year highlights, and an all about me page. I also tried to include a picture of the outside of the logbook. There is a nice plastic covering before the title page to keep it from tearing. The back also has a nice plastic back. The book is spiral bound and is 8.5 x 11 inches.

My Student Logbook Extra Pages

How we used My Student Logbook:

I decided to use this logbook with my 4th grade daughter. I listed all of her subjects on the checklist. It was very easy to set it up so it folds over to each new week. I listed all of her main subjects, but not in any particular order. We usually start our day with history and go with whatever they want to do next. We don’t have a schedule. We just go with the flow.


In this past week’s activities we had a field trip on Wednesday to the aquarium. I wrote it on there so on Thursday she wouldn’t get confused with checking off her subjects. When you lift up the checklist, you have a notes section. I haven’t used that part yet. We also don’t use the time column since we are not required to keep time for our state.

What we thought:

I love it and my daughter loves it! She loves when she finishes a subject and can mark it off. She is able to see how much she has left for the day. I love that it helps keep her on track. I also love that it is easy to use and keeps her accountable. My daughter said, “I like to use it because it helps me to focus better on my work and seeing what I have to finish for the day.” I am planning on buying two more logbooks for my boys to use. It will help keep them accountable and help keep them on track each day too.

You can watch a video on the product details on the website.

My Student Logbook is available in a dated format (what we reviewed) or undated format. It is available dated from August to July or January to December. The printed version is available for $15.00. They also have a pdf version available. The ideal ages for the logbook is 2nd grade and up.

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