Under Drake’s Flag ~ Review

Under Drake's Flag Review

It’s no secret that my children love to listen to audio dramas. I have already done several reviews for audio dramas this past crew year. When Under Drake’s Flag came up for a review opportunity, I was so excited to have the opportunity to review another audio drama. I love them just as much as the kids do.

Heirloom Audio Productions produced Under Drake’s Flag and is in the process of releasing another audio drama that I will tell you about at the end.

Under Drake’s Flag is a Christian audio drama based on the novel by G. A. Henty. This drama takes you on a wonderful adventure with a boy named Ned Hawkshaw. He is given the opportunity to set sail with Sir Francis Drake, one of the greatest sea captains of his time. There is suspense, action, and adventure throughout the drama. Will Ned survive as he fights off the sharks that are attacking him? Will he survive the shipwreck?

Listen to a 60 second summary on the website.

When we received this, I had my three older children (ages 12, 11, and 9) sit down and listen to this story after we had done school work one day. I was only going to play a certain amount each day for them to listen to since this is a two hour long drama, but they couldn’t wait until the next day to listen to the rest. They wanted to know what was going to happen next. We ended up listening to the whole thing in one sitting. It was very interesting and it did not seem like it was two hours long. I also enjoyed listening to this story. My three year old did listen to some of the story, but she would go in and out of the room during the story. She doesn’t quite have the attention span needed to listen to this just yet.  My boys loved this story. My eight year old daughter also enjoyed listening to the story and said she found it exciting. The quality of this production is outstanding.

The 2 CD set comes with a small study guide. Each set of questions has three parts- listening well, thinking further, and defining words. We also received a downloadable pdf study guide which has a lot more questions for each section. You can see the differences below. The one on the left is the small study guide that comes with the CD set and the one on the right is the extended PDF study guide. Click the pictures to make them bigger.

drakes flag small study guide  drakes flag pdf

Another look at the differences in the study guides. The first one is the physical study guide that comes with the CD set. The bottom one is the PDF study guide.

drakes flag small study guide2

drakes flag pdf2

We used both of the study guides. After we finished listening to the CD’s, I asked them several of the questions from each section. Sometimes I asked them one or two from the small study guide and sometimes I asked them five or more from the pdf study guide. We also went over some of the defining words from each section.

The two CD set is appropriate for ages 6 and up. The CD set sells for $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping.

And now for the news on Heirloom Audio Productions next project. In Freedom’s Cause is the newest production due out this fall. You can keep up with all updates to the newest production on the website or through their Facebook page. You can also connect with them on the Under Drake’s Flag Facebook page.

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