It was difficult to come up with an 'x' post for my blogging through the alphabet. I decided to make a list of things I am eXcited about.

Why am I eXcited?

~ I have almost made it through the alphabet for the first time! I did this once before, but quit somewhere around letter g.

~ My oldest daughter's birthday is next Saturday (October 18)

~I have applied to a local community college to start taking classes in nursing. After graduating high school, I did go to college and started my major in nursing, but changed it after two years. I feel the Lord is leading me back to nursing and want to have a career to fall on as my children are getting older.

~I am excited that I had the chance to be on the Schoolhouse Crew review for the past two years. I am now taking a break with them, but will continue blogging. You'll just get stories of college classes (if I'm accepted for the winter semester). :)

Those are just a few things I am eXcited about. Anything coming up that you are excited about?

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  1. Oh Rebecca, I will miss you on Crew! Take care and many prayers for your nursing adventure!




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