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In Freedom's Cause Review

After doing another review earlier this year on a story based on a G. A. Henty book, my kids were interested to learn more about G. A. Henty and his books. We were able to review In Freedom’s Cause from Jim Hodges Productions.

Jim Hodges Productions offers the unabridged version of Henty’s books that allows those listening to be able to follow along in the book.  In Freedom’s Cause: The Story of William Wallace and Robert the Brice is a story that is set in the 1300’s in Scotland and England. This story tells about these two Scottish men and tells of the battles they faced.

In Freedom’s Cause is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes of listening. There are twenty seven chapters, each lasting around 30 minutes. I received the Mp3 CD which is available for $25.00. We also received the accompanying PDF study guide which is available for $12.00. In Freedom’s Cause is appropriate for children ages 10 and up. *Note: The audio files will play on any computer CD drive, DVD player or MP3 compatible CD player. They will not play on a standard CD player.* In Freedom’s Cause is also available as a digital download for $18.00. Listen to a free chapter.

How we used In Freedom’s Cause:
My boys, ages 12 and 11, and I listened to a chapter at a time. We then looked at the study guide and tried to answer as many of the questions as we could. We also looked up several of the vocabulary words that accompany each of the chapters. We also did at least one of the activities for each of the chapters. Examples of some of the activities are making a thatched home, researching a Venn diagram, and drawing pictures. I did not print out the study guide, because it is over 60 pages. I just read the questions from the computer. We did not listen to a chapter a day as that would have been too much for my boys. I tried to space it out to listen to at least three chapters a week. In all we spent about an hour each time with listening and working on the study guide.

What we thought:
My boys like learning about historical things and also like listening to radio dramas. I wasn’t sure how they would like listening to a book, but it turned out great. I was actually able to find a free online version of the book, so we could read along while listening. My boys said they would rather just listen than try to read and listen. I enjoyed reading along as I listened. My boys said that they liked listening to the book, but they would rather not have to do the study guide. I have never listened to an audio book before. I enjoyed listening. It was a great way to learn some historical facts. I thought the study guide was a good tool to have on hand to see how much my boys were comprehending from the book. Overall, it was a good experience for us and we will look into other titles in the future.

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