If He Had Not Come ~ Book Review

My children love books. So whenever I have the chance to review new to us books, I am excited. We love to read. We also love Christmas stories. My children have a favorite that I read to them every year.

We were able to review If He Had Not Come, a story re-introduced by David Nicholson. This classic story is best suited for children ages 6 and up. It is available on the website for $18.95.

If He Had Not Come is a beautiful, colorful, hardcover 8.5 x 11 book. There are 40 pages in the book. It has beautiful illustrations on each page and is a classic story that each child should read or have read to them.

David Nicholson is a retired teacher and a short term missionary. Having been introduced to this story when he was younger, he took it upon himself to have it re-introduced for other generations to enjoy. You can read more about why he chose to re-introduce the book on the FAQ page of the website.

Nan Weeks, the original author, was a teacher and writer. The story, If He Had Not Come, was first included in an anthology that was published in 1938.

Summary of If He Had Not Come:

Bobby was excited to get to bed on Christmas Eve, but before heading up to bed, Bobby's dad sits down with him to read from the Bible. There were five words from the Bible reading that stood out to him. They were "If I had not come." Suddenly, it is morning and Bobby rushes to get dressed so he can start unwrapping his gifts. But, when he got down the stairs, there was no tree or stockings or presents. It was just an empty living room.

Bobby was frantic. He put on his coat, hat, and boots and started running around town. He had to find out what happened. Everyone he ran into just thought it was another day. They didn't know what Christmas was. Bobby had an idea to go to his church to find out what was going on, but all he saw was an empty lot. He noticed a sign though. It read, "If I had not come."

Bobby ran into an elderly gentlemen that needed help. He told the man to stay where he was and he was going to get him some help. But all Bobby saw around him were signs that read "If I had not come." He ran home only to find that the Bible his father read from last night only went to Malachi. There was no New Testament.

The next thing Bobby hears are church bells ringing. They were playing his favorite Christmas carol. He prayed right there in his room to thank God for sending His son to earth.

When this book came, we all sat down and read the book right away. My youngest daughter is 3, listened to the story, but probably did not comprehend the whole story. My older kids enjoyed this story and we discussed how the world would be different if Jesus had not come.

I enjoyed this book very much and I know my kids enjoyed it also. They have re-read it on their own several times. This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from us!

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