Random 5 On Friday

The Pebble Pond
1. I started writing a short story last year, but then my hard drive crashed. I really want to rewrite the story, but can't remember some parts of the story. I just need to start writing and see where it goes this time.

2. I'm in a dinner rut. It seems like I am always making the same meals over and over again, but when I try a new recipe, my family never seems to like them even though I think they are great.

3. In one month I will have a teenager! Where did the time go?

4. The almost 13 year old has surprised me this week. We are on writing paragraphs unit for grammar and he has done so well writing some of the paragraphs they ask for.

5. Looking forward to a girls day tomorrow with my two beautiful girls.

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  1. I was in an all meals rut this past few months and decided to subscribe to one of those menu planning services. I am not sure how long I will subscribe, but it is working for now,




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