Growing Your Faith ~ 7th Grade Devotional Book Review

*Disclaimer: I received a free  copy of  7th Grade Devotional~ Growing Your Faith  from Family Christian in exchange for an honest review. This post may also contain affiliate links.*

I am always trying to find a good devotional for my 7th grade son. I've wanted to find something that doesn't take a lot of time and something that is geared for his age group. Enter the 30 Day Devotional: 7th Grade by Lars Rood. Family Christian offered this devotional to us to try it out. 

About the devotional:
This 30-day devotional for seventh grade students offers helpful guidance on dealing with and understanding yourself and others as you grow in your faith. Each devotion includes a Think About section, a God Thought, and an Active section that encourages you to apply key truths in the devotion. The book also features interactive elements to talk through pieces of this with friends, family, youth leaders and other adults.

There are three sections in the devotional which are as follows;
~ Owning your faith, shaping your faith
~ Maturing in mind, shaping your thoughts
~Maturing in body, shaping the whole you

How my son used this 30 day devotional:
My son used this book during his personal devotional time each day. He read through the little story for each devotion, read any scripture that accompanied the story, and answered the questions for the devotional. 

What my son thought about this devotional:
My son liked that the stories and passages were short and didn't take a lot of time. He also said that the questions the author asked made him think. I was able to look through the devotional before giving it to my son and I liked that the stories were written especially for middle school age children. The questions make them think (and open up to parents) and the passages are relevant to the stories.

This devotional is only $6.99 and available in store at this time (not online). 

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  1. My son will be in 7th grade next year and he thinks he knows everything there is to know about the Bible. I would like to get this pertinent Bible study book if I win.

  2. I would love to buy my kids the Resurrection Eggs if I were to win. Thanks for the giveaway!




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