Noah's Ark Veggie Tales ~ Review

*Disclaimer: I received a free screener copy of Veggie Tales ~ Noah's Ark from Family Christian in exchange for an honest review. This post may also contain affiliate links.*

I have been a Veggie Tales fan since I was in college. I love them and when my first son was born, I made sure to introduce him to Veggie Tales at a young age. Now all four of my children love Veggie Tales and have seen them all multiple times. When I had the chance to review the newest Veggie Tale, Noah's Ark, I was so excited.

About Noah's Ark:
Noah and his family together with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone's faith has been tested, and they're ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God's promises?

My (and my kids) Review:
Noah's Ark is the first video to introduce the new look of the veggies. My boys, who are now almost 13 and 11, said that they liked the story, but didn't like the new look of the veggies.
My girls, ages 9 and almost 4, loved this new Veggie Tales story. My almost 4 year old watched it one time and had some of the songs memorized. She loves Veggie Tales and has now watched this one at least 4 times.
I enjoyed Noah's Ark very much. They were able to tell this story in a fun and vivid way. The songs are catchy and even though the story was not the exact story from the Bible, it still told the truths children need to know. We all enjoyed watching the video and learning to trust God at all times.

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