Thankfulness ~ Week Two

I found myself complaining yesterday while we were out enjoying some beautiful weather. It had rained on Monday, but I didn't realize that it rained so much that the park would still be wet on Thursday. Actually, only the wood chips were still a soggy, the slides and swings were dry. So, what was I complaining about and not being thankful about? Mosquitoes! Wow, I have never seen so many mosquitoes at one place at one time.

We wanted to walk on the little nature trail at the park (around 3,200 feet). We started, but around the 2,200 foot marker, we encountered a big puddle. We managed to hike up our pants and wade through the puddle and make it through, but that is where we encountered an army of mosquitoes. So, as I was sitting at the park watching my children play and have fun, I was still angry about the mosquitoes and wondering why God would create something like that.

I've thought about it and I realize God would not create something unless it serves a purpose. So, today, I am thankful for the mosquitoes that God created.

I do have more to be thankful for and I'll list those below:

I am thankful for this week. Even though it rained Monday, the rest of the week was beautiful.

I am thankful for all of my children the Lord has given to me. Even though they may fight at times, I love them all.

I am thankful for all of God's creatures. Even though some are pests (mosquitoes), I am thankful God has the wisdom to know what the earth needs.

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