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History Hymn Adeste Fideles

My favorite Christmas carol has always been the song "O Come All Ye Faithful." Just recently, I decided to look up the history of the song. I just never thought to do it before. Looking up the history of a hymn can be interesting.

Some things I found about this song is that it was originally written in Latin. It is believed to have been written by John Francis Wade.  His name is written on the earliest copies of the song.

The earliest it has been found to have been written is sometime in the 1740's. Upon hearing the hymn, the Duke of Leeds, commissioned a fuller arrangement to be written. It became popular in France and Germany in the eighteenth century.

The English version that is well known now was translated by a Catholic priest, Frederick Oakeley in 1841.

There really is not much known about this hymn or the author, but what I did find was interesting to read.

I found this video to be interesting as well:

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