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My children love to listen to audio dramas. On Saturday mornings, instead of getting up and watching television, my children turn on the radio and listen to the audio dramas on the Christian channel. I have done several reviews for audio dramas in the past. I have also done a review of Heirloom Audio Productions, Under Drake’s Flag. I was so excited to have the opportunity to review another Heirloom AudioProductions. We have enjoyed listening to The Dragon and the Raven over the past month.  I love them just as much as the kids do. 

The Dragon and the Raven is a Christian audio drama based on the novel by G. A. Henty. This drama takes you on a wonderful adventure back to the days of King Alfred. The story takes us back to the days before England was a country. Back to when the Saxons were being overtaken by the Vikings (Danes). In this fictional story that is based on historical events, we are introduced to Edmund, a young Saxon who becomes a hero. Kind Alfred was a young king. He had incredible Christian faith. How will he fight off the Vikings? Will he win the war against the Vikings? If you know your history, you may already know the answers. If not, you can find out by listening to The Dragon and the Raven.

When we received this, I had decided to try to spread out this drama over some time. My kids would rather listen to it all at once, but I’d rather take some time to listen to it. I put the cd in the car, so we could listen to it whenever we were in the car. It keeps them quiet on car trips because they don’t want to miss anything. These audio dramas are always very interesting and entertaining. I also enjoy listening to the dramas and can’t wait to hear the next part of the story, because the quality of the production is outstanding.

I also received a few extras with the two CD set. One of the extras is a study guide. The study guide gives a brief biography of G.A. Henty and King Alfred the Great. The study guide has a set of questions for each track on the disc. Each set of questions has three parts- listening well, thinking further, and defining words. I had planned to use the study guide, but since we listened to the CD in the car, I did not use it. We did discuss the story after each car ride though. 

This is the third Heirloom Audio Productions CD that we have listened to and I cannot even begin to express how well produced these CD's are. The music that is used is perfect. The actors that are chosen are perfect. You can tell by listening to them that they love what they are doing.  I also love that the kids are getting a history lesson while listening to the CD. G.A. Henty wrote some great works of fiction that have many historical facts in them, but also added in some fictional characters to help with telling the stories. Be sure to check out a sample of The Dragon and the Raven and order your copy today. The two CD set with three bonuses is $29.97 plus shipping. 

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The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}

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