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My children and I love to watch movies. We probably watch a movie at least five times a week. I like to use them during our school time for not only educational purposes, but also for fun when we need a break from paper work. We recently were given the opportunity to review a movie from FishFlix.com. From the list we were given, my boys wanted me to ask for the movie Woodlawn. We had heard of the movie but had not yet seen it. They love football and I knew this is one they would enjoy.

About the Woodlawn DVD:
This true story takes place in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973. During this time, many of the schools in the south went through an integration process. Woodlawn High School being one of them. Tony Nathan and several other students began school at Woodlawn after the desegregation. Racial tensions were high and there was a lot of riots. There was one thing that could bring everyone together and that was football. Tony Nathan was able to try out for the football team. He made the football team and became one of the star players. Chaplain Hank Erwin came to Coach Tandy and asked if he could talk to the players on the football team. He told them of his own life and how he had made the decision to follow Christ. In a turn of events, many of the football players turned their life over to God. After accepting Christ, the players wanted to have an impact on their coach and community. They did this by putting their prejudices aside and trying to get along with everyone. This was also a great year for the Woodlawn High School football team as everyone expected them to lose. They ended up with and 8-2 record and always remembered to put Christ first in all they do. After high school, Tony Nathan went to Alabama where he helped win a national championship in 1978. he then played for nine seasons with the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

What we thought about the Woodlawn DVD:
After watching the movie, my youngest son said, "That was such a great movie." I agree. It was a great movie. One of the lines that stuck with me was when the coach asked the assistant if he was really all in. Meaning, was he really all in for Christ. We just completed a series at my church about being "All In."  Even though, I am not much into football, I enjoyed the message this movie portrayed.

About FishFlix.com:
FishFlix.com is a company that was started over a decade ago. It started when Dr. Sakirgil, a Turkish Christian, became involved in the making of a Christian movie, Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches. Dr. Sakirgil immigrated to America and started selling Christian movies on the internet and FishFlix.com was born. It is now based in Mora, Minnesota. They work to glorify God by providing amazing customer service, great prices, and a great variety of movies.

A giveaway:
FishFlix.com is offering a prize package worth over $80. They are giving away five movies when you sign up to be on their email list. You can enter the giveaway HERE.

FishFlix.com Review

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