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Over the past several weeks I have been using a great vegan alternative to emu oil called GREEMU from Devonian.

Devonian is a company that uses the power of plants to make their products. Their primary focus is replacing animal products with ingredients derived from plants. Emu oil is becoming an increasingly popular oil in the world. Because many people would rather not use oil that comes from animals, Devonian has come up with a plant based product that matches the grade of emu oil.

GREEMU oil works the same way emu oil does in that it protects and nourishes your skin. It also works well in your hair. And can also help reduce wrinkles.

GREEMU contains macadamia seed oil, certified organic palm oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and rice bran oil.

I used GREEMU on some dry skin patches that I have on my face and elbows. After showering each day, I applied the oil on the patches of dry skin. I have never used emu oil, so I cannot compare, but GREEMU has been great for my skin. I love it and I am going to be trying it out in my hair in the near future. Since the oil absorbs slowly, not much is needed. I only use a pea sized amount and can spread it out over all of my dry skin patches. I definitely give this oil 5 stars!

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Greemu Devonian Review

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