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Having reviewed a book from YWAM Publishing in the past, I knew my kids would love to review another one when the opportunity was given. Over the last several weeks, my kids and I have been reading and learning about Milton Hershey from their Heroes of History series. In order to further our study of Milton Hershey, we have also been using the Digital Unit Study with the book.

About the book:
Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate is the story of how Milton Hershey worked hard through many trials and frustrations to become a success. Milton grew up in Pennsylvania. He did not like going to school and finally in his early teens, his parents allowed him to leave school, but he was sent off to be a printer's apprentice. He did not like that at all, and did not stay at the job very long. When he arrived back home, he was sure his parents would be upset, but instead his mother was able to get him a "job" as a confectioner's apprentice at an ice cream parlor. Milton was able to learn a lot from this job and at the age of 18 was ready to go into business for himself. His aunt loaned him $150 to start the business and Milton chose to go to Philadelphia to start it. He did fairly well, but was still losing money even though sales were good. After a customer had brought him some chocolate from Switzerland made by Nestle, Milton had decided he needed to figure out the chocolate was made. Over the course of time, Milton had to borrow large amounts of money. Milton was also married during this time and his wife fell ill and died. Milton did become successful, as you know and I'll let you read the book to find out how.

About the authors:
Janet and Geoff Benge are a married couple who have twenty years of writing experience. Janet taught elementary age children, while Geoff has a degree in history. They have several books in the Heroes for History series and also the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series.

About the Digital Unit Study:
The digital unit study is a downloadable pdf comprised of  seventy one pages full of questions, ideas for a display corner, student explorations, and a social studies section. The student explorations section of the study include ideas for creative writing, essay questions and research topics, hands on projects, visual projects, and arts and crafts. The social studies section is divided into categories to be used for mapping and timeline.

Some pages from the Digital Unit Study
How we used the book and unit study:
I used this as a read aloud with my 5th, 7th, and 8th graders. Each day, I would read a chapter and after we would go over the discussion questions in the study. There are six questions related to each chapter. I would ask the questions and my children wrote out their answers on a sheet of paper. We looked over all of the other projects and my boys chose to create a Facebook page for Milton Hershey. They have not yet finished it, but they got a little bit done as you can see in the picture below. There is a link in the unit study that takes you to the website to create the Facebook profile.

We also mapped out the various cities listed in the book on the map provided. And I had my daughter work on the timeline that is provided in the unit study.

What we thought:
We had a good time reading this book and learning more about Milton Hershey. My boys liked working on the Facebook page and my daughter liked learning more about how Hershey chocolate was created. There are some facts in the book that I did not even know. I enjoyed working through the book and study with my children. They have already asked who we are going to be learning about next.

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